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David Sweat Caught: Second Escaped Prisoner Shot & Back In Police Custody

Sun, June 28, 2015 7:16pm EDT by Lauren Cox 2 Comments

Just 2 days after Richard Matt was shot and killed by police, David Sweat was finally shot and captured. After over 3 weeks on the run, the manhunt for these two escaped prisoners is over.

David Sweat, 35, has been brought into police custody after his partner in crime, Richard Matt, 51, was shot and killed on Friday, June 26 in upstate New York. The two convicted murderers were on the lam for over 3 weeks after escaping Clinton Correctional Facility — a maximum security prison. Thankfully, the innocent people living in the surrounding areas can now sleep soundly knowing their hometowns are safe once again.

He’s finally back where he belongs: behind bars. David Sweat was shot by police just 2 miles short of the Canadian border, reports CNN. Although closer to the border when he was caught, David was reportedly still located within the 22 square mile search area police shot his partner, Richard, in. Right now, his injuries from being shot are unconfirmed.

David was spotted at around 3pm ET when he spotted David who was jogging along the side of the road. When the officer approached David, the fugitive tried to make a run for it. The officer followed him and when he realized that David was about to enter the tree line and could have disappeared he fired two shots from his gun, hitting the fugitive. Now, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shared that David will be treated at a hospital in Albany.

Although he has been injured, it’s very important that David is back in police custody because there is hope he can provide officials with more information about how he and Richard escaped. There is also a lot of missing information about where they were and how they got around during their 3 weeks of “freedom.”

David Escaped After Richard Was Shot

While their time on the run neared a month, David somehow managed to escape police captivity once again when Richard was shot and killed in the woods. The two men had stuck together for just about three weeks at the time Richard was shot, and David seemed to vanish without a trace the moment his friend was killed.

Although they managed to evade police for as long as they did, Richard and David did not manage to get very far from their prison. A week before Richard was killed, police found traces of his DNA inside a cabin approximately 13 miles south of Malone, which is approximately 36 miles from the Village of Dannemora where Clinton Correctional is located. Just hours before shooting Richard dead, police confirmed they found even more DNA in a second cabin located in Malone, which is 10 miles north of where the first fugitive was killed.

Interestingly enough, when news broke that one of the prisoners had been shot, it was originally reported he had been caught by police. It wasn’t until later that we found out Richard had actually been killed, which, unfortunately, was not very surprising. The pair of fugitives were allegedly trying to carjack a camper when the driver called 911, leading to Richard’s death.

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— Lauren Cox