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‘Perfect High’ Review: Bella Thorne Gets A Deadly Addiction

Sat, June 27, 2015 10:02pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

What happens when the popular group in school takes you under their wing? Well, for Bella Thorne, it means falling for a new boy and getting addicted to heroine in the very millennial Lifetime movie, ‘Perfect High.’ And don’t worry, I won’t spoil!

Bella Thorne takes on a new role in Perfect High as a dedicated high school dancer, who faces an addiction to prescription drugs after being injured on the floor. However, along with her pills comes a new group of friends.

Bella’s character, Amanda, quickly meets a new group who are initially drawn to her because they know she has prescription medicine. That includes Carson (Israel Broussard), a nice, smart guy who actually seems remotely interested in her, regardless of his blond-bubbly ex. However, the movie, as many Lifetime movies do, shows the dangers of addiction.

When the group (which includes Ross Butler and Daniela Bobadilla) buys what they think is one thing, they later find out it’s actually something else: heroin. This reveals just how addicting it can be and how much it can really change someone.

The movie is actually pretty serious and a nice lesson to kids as to what not to do. Although it has way too many selfies and Instagram videos, it still has all of the Lifetime must-haves, and will make you cringe at the drug-induced kids and ridiculously oblivious parents. actually spoke to Ross Butler before the movie aired about how important this was to him. “It showed how I myself could have easily fallen into that lifestyle, in that relatable sort of where,” he told us. “I used to be the party guy and I didn’t really do drugs or anything but its like, it could’ve gone to that point, because it literally could happen to anyone without that person really expecting it. It was important to me because it could’ve happened to me and i want to bring light to that.”

What did you think of the movie, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta