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MTV Releases Bella Thorne’s Death Scene In ‘Scream’ — And We’re Dissecting It

Thu, June 25, 2015 6:02pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Are you ready to see the first murder in MTV’s new ‘Scream?’ The network released the opening scene on June 25, which features the one and only Bella Thorne — and her dramatic (and bikini-clad) death. Watch the scene!

Scream has everything you’ve been wanting: horror, romance, sexy hook ups and Bella Thorne. In the opening scene, we’re introduced to Bella’s character, Nina, who’s basically the mean girl of Lakewood. I’ll let the video do the talking here, but trust me — MTV’s new show will be your biggest guilty pleasure of the summer; it’s bloody entertaining, and filled with a seriously hot cast.

Trade in the giant grey home phone for an iPhone and a call for a text, and you might as well have Drew Barrymore herself up there! Bella absolutely rocks the screen as a super hot, flirty high schooler and during this first scene we see that she has quite the mansion. Of course, after sending some flirty texts with an interested guy, she quickly finds out it’s not him calling her at all.

Here’s the highlights of the clip:

iPhone = Everything
The main prop in this opening scene is just screaming millennials, which one thousand percent works for MTV. Let’s just say,everyone with an iPhone has gotten annoyed when they try to unlock your phone with wet hands. And even more people have spoken to Siri, and gotten a completely different thing than you asked for. “Calling Pottery Barn?” Genius, MTV.

That bikini
I have to hand it to her: Bella Thorne’s body is absolutely bangin’. At one point, she slowly seduces who she thinks is her friend, and well, dayum girl. I know people have been shocked that she’s wearing so little in this short and gory scene but let’s be honest. When you were 17, if you had that body and a hot tub, you were wearing a string bikini at home too. Plus, we talked to Bella all about it, and while she admitted it was the most she’s warn on TV (so far) she made a good point: “I’m wearing a bathing suit. You wear a bathing suit. Everybody sees you in one. It’s really not that big a deal!”

The murder scene
After Bella’s friend’s head gets thrown into the hot tub with her, she’s quickly on the run into her house. Her “a trained, attack Pomeranian” who can “gut you on command” is inside the house, while she’s pounding on the glass door and gets sliced on the back. With that, she falls to the ground and is crawling before the killer grabs her and slices her neck. My favorite part? The gut line about the dog paid a little tribute to the original movie, since the killer actually gutted Drew Barrymore.

Alright, what’s your first impression of Scream? The series premiere airs at on Tuesday, June 30 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on MTV.

— Emily Longeretta