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Dylann Roof’s Arrest Video: Charleston Shooter Shockingly Calm When Apprehended

Wed, June 24, 2015 11:03am EDT by 2 Comments

A horrible situation only gets more disturbing. Accused Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s arrest video was recently made public, and it shows a strangely calm scene as he is apprehended by police.

On Wednesday, June 17, nine African-American churchgoers were fatally shot in South Carolina, allegedly by 21-year-old Dylann Roof in what is believed to be a racial hate crime. The next day, officers apprehended Dylann in Shelby, North Carolina — and seen in dash cam footage of the arrest that has now become public, Dylann was eerily calm and complacent throughout the entire ordeal. It’s yet another shocking layer to this already awful situation.

North Carolina police released video of Dylann’s arrest on June 23, and it went down much differently than many would imagine. The footage, recorded by the dash camera of another patrol car, showed four officers approach Dylann’s car — some of them with their guns drawn. And then, he is simply taken out of his car, frisked, handcuffed and escorted away to a waiting patrol car without any trouble whatsoever.

Odd behavior, right? Dylann does not say a word throughout the entire incident, letting the police move him around like a doll. Remember, this is a man who is facing nine counts of murder for the brutal slayings of innocent people whom he allegedly killed just the very night before the footage was captured.

“It is a surprisingly calm moment given the sheer terror that the racist mass murderer unleashed just hours before,” said journalist Jake Tapper as he narrated CNN’s broadcast of the video. It’s an apt description; why isn’t Dylann reacting more to his arrest? Why isn’t he showing any emotion whatsoever, considering what happened just the night before at what was supposed to be a pleasant bible study class at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church? Clearly, the only person who knows the answer to that is Dylann himself.

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— Samantha Wilson