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‘Boom’ Preview: Test Your Movie Knowledge Before A Bomb Goes Off — Watch

Wed, June 24, 2015 12:45pm EDT by Add first Comment

This is a sure fire way to get your heart pounding. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the new Fox series, ‘BOOM,’ one contestant has $10,000 on the line– and it all comes down to his knowledge of older gentlemen actors!

In Fox’s new gameshow, Boom, contestants will compete on teams of three, in order to “defuse” the ticking time bombs, by accurately cutting the wires to the right answer. Oh, and if the bomb is incorrectly defused (or is not defused in time!), it explodes, oozing gallons of slime onto the entire audience and the contestants. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the series, which will premiere on June 25, one contestant takes a stab at the intense procedure, and it involves more Pacino than you’d expect!

In this clip, the contestant has a hefty ten grand riding on him cutting the correct wires. There are four categories. Let’s break ’em down.

“Red: Harrison Ford,” host Tom Papa says. “Blue: Al Pacino. Yellow: Dustin Hoffman. Green: Richard Gere.” So, what’s the common theme connecting all these guys (other than the obvious silver-foxiness)? Tom presents the question.

“Of these actors, which three have had credited roles in movies for six straight decades, starting in the 1960s?” Tom asks. 30 seconds on the clock, and here we go.

To clarify, the contestant must cut the wire to each of the three correct answers. He decides to use process of elimination based on the actors who are, as he says, “pretty old.” First to get cut? “Al Pacino is really old,” the contestant says. He snips the wire and…success! Next, “Harrison Ford is pretty  old,” he says, cutting the red wire. Again, he’s got it!

So, it comes down to Hoffman and Gere. Who will the contestant choose? And will he leave his audience slimed and miserable or walk away with ten Gs? Watch the clip to find out!

BOOM will premiere on Thursday, June 25 at 8/7c. Are you excited for the new show?

— Casey Mink