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‘The Simpsons’: Homer & Marge Fight Back After Split Rumors — Watch

Mon, June 22, 2015 10:03am EDT by Add first Comment

Following all those nasty breakup rumors, ‘The Simpsons’ stars, Homer & Marge, want you all to know that they are fine. Seriously, they’re fine. Watch their public address right now to see for yourself!

On June 10, the world was devastated to learn that America’s golden couple, The Simpsons‘ Homer and Marge, would be facing a legal separation in the upcoming 27th season of their long running series. Obviously, the tabloids have run wild with the scandal, but now, the two have issued a statement, letting the world know that rumors of their separation are absolutely false. The address is, well, awkward, to say the least. Watch it now!

We open on Homer and Marge, sitting an uncomfortable distance across from each other, while outstretching their hands. They sit under a huge (and totally not unnecessary) banner which reads, “Together Forever.”

“Homie and I are here to address baseless rumors that we’re going to split up,” Marge says. “The story was first reported on CNN, and then the real news started reporting it, all over the world.” Solid CNN diss there, Marge.

“Can’t those news media guys cover more important things like Lebron‘s junk?” Homer says. “We all saw it, Marge. We had to.” (Yes. We did.)

Of course, while they’re speaking to camera, Bart and Lisa both unknowingly get their two cents in: Bart makes idiotic faces while Lisa holds up a sign which reads “Free Tibet.”

But cutting out the nonsense, Homer drops the truth bombs, leaving no room for debate. “Now listen here,” he says. “Margery and I are as solid as a rock. I mean, if she didn’t dump me when I almost slept with the donut lady…” And, scene.

Are you glad that Homer and Marge are (seemingly) not splitting and going to work it out?

— Casey Mink