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Bryan Cranston Resurrects Walter White At Electric Daisy Carnival — Epic Video

Mon, June 22, 2015 1:01pm EDT by 1 Comment

This would be scary if it weren’t so epic. Bryan Cranston was on hand at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival to DJ (what else?)– as Walter White! Watch the incredible clip right now!

Well, say his name! On June 21, Bryan Cranston,  59, shocked fans at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas by, not only showing up, but showing up as Walter White, his iconic Breaking Bad character. Luckily, because of this thing called the Internet, we don’t need to worry if we didn’t make it to Vegas– we can watch the whole, ridiculously epic video right now!

We all know Walt could cook up a mean batch of meth, but who knew he could also DJ? When the EDM group Above & Beyond took to the stage for their set at EDC (one of the biggest electronic festivals in the world), they recruited someone very special to push the button.

Walt– we mean, Bryan– got up on the podium in front of the thousands upon thousands of screaming fans. He grabbed the microphone in his hand, and told the people exactly what they wanted to hear. “Say my name,” he said, with that terrifying gravel we came to fear by season four of BB. The crowd, obviously, went freaking nuts.

“You’re god damn right,” he continued. “Walter White, Above & Beyond!” he screamed, as he thrusted both fists into the air. Finally, Bryan got to the job he set out to do, because as we know, Walter White does not do anything half-assed.

He held his mighty pointer finger up in the air and then, in a fittingly dramatic fashion, rocketed it down upon the button. The thumping music began, and Bryan obviously got down. He, alongside the DJs, fist bumped throughout the entire song and it was just, ugh, everything.

Were you happy to see Bryan resurrect Walter White? How much do you still miss Breaking Bad?

— Casey Mink