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Blake Anderson Thrown Off Morning Show For Dropping F-Bomb — Watch

Fri, June 19, 2015 11:01am EDT by 2 Comments

Nothing like a little cringe first thing in the morning! While promoting his new movie, ‘Dope,’ star Blake Anderson was feeling a bit groggy– and he let a certain word slip out that he probably shouldn’t have. Watch the awkward moment now!

Well, what did they expect? On June 18, Workaholics star, Blake Anderson was on hand for an interview with a Cincinnati news show to promote his new film Dope, which hit theaters on June 19. The interview was being conducted live via satellite on FOX 19’s News Morning Xtra— did we mention it was live? Blake, true to his persona, had just woken up and was apparently not the most clear minded. Within two moments, he managed to drop an F-bomb and get kicked off the show. Not too shabby! Check out the hilariously uncomfortable clip!

Who would’ve thought that a conversation beginning with bagels could so quickly turn to getting kicked off the air?

“This is a bagel,” Blake tells anchor Frank Marzullo. “I’m responsible. No more doughnuts in my life.” When Frank responds that bagels may actually be more unhealthy than donuts, Blake almost slips up for the first time.

“Oh I don’t want this sh… stuff then,” he says, putting the bagel down. Frank then tried to get Blake to actually discuss, ya know, his movie, but his efforts weren’t exactly fruitful.

Blake’s speech was labored (to say the least) and was basically incoherent. He realized that he wasn’t making much sense and then apologized– but made matters much worse. “Sorry,” he said. “I just woke up like five minutes ago… It’s like 6 o’clock over here. Jesus Christ! It’s very early and I’m very tried. You know the Warriors just won the f–king championship…”

And, scene. Frank immediately cut away and profusely apologized for Blake’s use of “that word.” If you can get through the awkwardness, it’s pretty dang hilarious.

Is Blake’s F-bomb funny or crude?

— Casey Mink