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‘Secret Lives Of Pets’ Trailer: Find Out What Your Pet Does When You’re Not Home

Wed, June 17, 2015 4:25pm EDT by Add first Comment

In the new movie, ‘Secret Lives of Pets,’ that time old question will finally be answered: what do our pets do when we leave the house for the day? The just released trailer definitely gives us a hint as to what the answer might be! Watch it now!

Secret Lives of Pets, which won’t hit theaters until July, 2016, will once and for all tell us what it is our pets do when we go out for the day. In this first hilarious trailer, we get just a peak at some dogs, cats, fish and other nonhuman creatures, as they go about their normal day. It may not shock you to learn that most of these guys have pretty awesome lives. Watch the hysterical clip now to hear Louis C.K., Ellie Kemper and more of comedy’s best, bringing to life nature’s creatures!

Have you ever wanted to be a dog? Don’t lie– when yo have to file your taxes or go to the dentist or kiss half your paycheck goodbye for rent, you’ve definitely let it cross your mind. Life would be so much easier if I was a [insert your dream animal lifestyle].

This trailer does not at all disprove the theory that, while we humans are all out there in the world, fighting the good fight (or not), making an honest living (or whatever), our pets are at home doing whatever they damn well please. Midday nap followed by a snack followed by another nap? Yup. Knocking everything over just because? Duh. Turning the fan on and pretending that you’re flying through the air in an intense combat mission? Well, maybe.

Either way, if this trailer is any indication, Secret Lives of Pets is basically guaranteed to make us supremely jealous of our furry friends– as if we weren’t already.

What do you think of the first trailer? Are you excited for the movie?

— Casey Mink