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Conan O’Brien Makes Bryce Dallas Howard Cry About Home Depot — Watch

Thu, June 11, 2015 10:19am EDT by 1 Comment

Bryce Dallas Howard is an even better actress than we think she is. Case in point: her ability to sob while Conan O’Brien discusses Home Depot with her.

Nothing this sad should be this funny– and yet! On June 10, Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard dropped by Conan to chat, and show off her acting chops. It turns out, Bryce has this incredible ability to cry at anything. No literally, anything, even Home Depot. Watch her super emotional conversation with Conan O’Brien immediately!

“You can cry on command?” Conan asks Bryce, to which she vehemently assures him she can. “How long do you need to prepare for that?” he asks.

Well, she can do it pretty much without preparation, and as long as they just keep talking– about anything!– she is able to weep. Okay, so Conan takes the cue. “You know what I like about Home Depot?” he says.

From there, the redheaded host launches into the most gorgeous soliloquy about everything that the housing superstore has to offer. “You can get duct tape, all kinds of duct tape. You can get grey duct tape. I’ve gone to Home Depot many times and I’ve bought all kinds of things,” Conan says as the camera zooms in real tight on Bryce’s increasingly emotional face.

Conan keeps going. “I’ve bought styrofoam, I’ve bought things that I could use to tape things together with other things,” he says. Apparently the thought of things being taped to other things starts to push Bryce over the edge. Conan goes on and on (and on and on) about piping and wood, and basically all your standard Home Depot fare.

We watch as Bryce’s eyes begin to well up and she can only nod along, pursing her lips together, agreeing with Conan. Her chin begins to quiver and we know it’s coming. “They do so much for so little,” Conan says to which, at last, massive tears fall from Bryce’s eyes.

Well, Home Depot is a treasure which should be treated as such. Just saying.

What do you think of Bryce’s special talent?

— Casey Mink