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‘Jurassic World’ Reviews: HL Editors Rave About Chris Pratt’s Reboot

Wed, June 10, 2015 12:49pm EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment

The reviews are in! Find out what multiple members of the staff thought of ‘Jurassic World’ in our review round-up below. 

Here at, we were so excited about Jurassic World‘s upcoming release that we stormed the first screening we could to feast our eyes on. Not only are the dinosaurs bigger, better, and more dangerous than ever before, but the new characters — played by Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Jake Johnson — bring exciting new personalities to the mix. Check out what the staffers had to say about Jurassic World!

‘Jurassic World’ Is ‘Fantastic’ With An ‘Unlikely Hero’

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that when Jurassic World finally introduces the park on Isla Nublar in the beginning of the film, my eyes welled up with tears. As a 90’s kid who saw all three original films in theaters, seeing what Hammond — and kids of my generation — dreamed of coming to life was almost too much to handle. Overall I thought Jurassic World was fantastic, not just as a “reboot” of sorts, but also as a tribute to how the film started. It is exactly what you’re expecting: a film about eager humans creating a super dinosaur they can’t control and it wreaking havoc on a theme park filled with over 20,000 people in it.

Jurassic World

While there are some familiar faces from the original films, the news kids on the block are the perfect addition. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are brilliant both together and apart, but it’s Jake Johnson as the comedic relief in even the darkest moments of the film who really steals the show.

Without spoiling anything, I will tell you that the end has a surprising twist with a very, very unlikely hero. And yes, for those of you already wondering about a sequel, the groundwork is set pretty early on in the film — so now it’s just up to the studio to tell us when Jurassic World will open it’s doors for us once again.

— Lauren Cox, News Editor

Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard Have Great Chemistry

Welcome to Jurassic World where you can run, swim, ride and cuddle with the Dinosaurs. That is until they grow smarter than you and try to tear the flesh off your bones.

Jurassic World

Chris Pratt outdid himself in this movie. Was I disappointed his character, Owen, didn’t take his shirt off? Yes. But, his all-out masculinity well made up for that. Owen is a rough and tough guy who literally runs with raptors. Not to mention, one of the best features of his character is how compassionate he is for the animals while so many others in the park are not. Swoon!As for Bryce Dallas Howard, Claire was a great strong role for her. She portrays a very successful career driven woman who is a little bit controlling, unhappy, and very uptight. That is until, of course, she needs to work side-by-side Chris’ character, who obviously breaks down her walls and opens her up. One of the best features of their relationship is that Claire remains strong throughout the movie, and isn’t your typical damsel in distress which is really refreshing. Plus, these two clearly have chemistry onscreen which made it so much easier to really get sucked into their storyline.

When it comes to the special effects, they were amazing! I saw Jurassic World in IMAX 3-D and now my expectations for other action movies are extremely high. The dinosaurs were so realistic that you actually felt like you were running from the flesh eating beasts. This go around, Jurassic World gave the dinos distinguishable personalities, which may seem cheesy to some, but it totally worked for the film.

To sum it up, Jurassic World was very enjoyable and exciting! There were multiple savvy, funny, and downright ridiculous parts, but that’s what makes it such a hit. Another great aspect of this movie is that they didn’t pretend the original Jurassic Park never existed, they found perfect spots to incorporate the old theme park and its characters. All in all, I enjoyed the ride!

— Brittany King, HollyBaby Editor

‘Jurassic World’ Recaptures The Magic Of ‘Jurassic Park’

It’s official — after two uninspiring sequels, Jurassic World brought the dinosaur franchise back from extinction. The new Indonimus Rex is bigger, louder, and scarier than all the dinosaurs that came before it, and with good reason. “No one’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore,” one character says in the beginning of this fourquel. And it’s true! After all, the original Jurassic Park was released in 1993, more than 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then, especially when it comes to computer-generated visual effects. So Jurassic World had a lot to prove in a world filled with huge blockbusters that could blow the panties off its predecessors. Thankfully, it did that and so much more.

Jurassic World

Along with the amazing visual effects, Jurassic World was cast quite perfectly. Chris Pratt is a man’s man, but he has a softness to himself that resonated with me. I also loved the compassion his character had for his animals — a pack of velociraptors. Bryce Dallas Howard brought beauty and brains to the mix, too, but she also provided the occasional laugh, which felt like a breath of fresh air in times of panic. And it was nice to see a female in charge of the park this time around. I hate to report that Chris did not take off his shirt in this movie, as some moviegoers I sat with had hoped, but I’m actually glad. I think it would have been a bit cheesy. But don’t worry — there’s enough eye candy to make up for it. Not only is Chris gorgeous in this film, but relative newcomer Nick Robinson, who’s a dead ringer for Brooklyn Beckham, caught most of my attention. He plays a 16-year-old in this movie, but he’s 20 in real life, so my infatuation is legal. (Phew!) In two simple words: he’s hot.

But what’s most remarkable is that Jurassic World has heart and for me, it recaptured the magic of the original movie, something the first two sequels failed to do. It’s not only a must-see — it’s a must-see over and over again.

— Chris Rogers, Senior Editor

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