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‘Teen Wolf’ On DVD: Special Edition Bestiary Book Sneak Peek

Mon, June 8, 2015 10:49am EDT by 1 Comment

This is awesome. In honor of the season four release of ‘Teen Wolf’ on DVD, a limited edition Bestiary book featuring each creature from the first four seasons is being released– and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at one of the pages right here!

The fourth season of Teen Wolf will at last be released on DVD on June 9– but the good news does not stop there! To celebrate the sci-fi hit, a very special Bestiary book will also be released. Featuring illustrations by artist Swann Smith, the book was originally only available to those at 2014’s Comic Con, but now, all of us obsessed fans can get our hands on a copy! Check out an EXCLUSIVE look at one of the book’s pages right now, as well as special interviews with some of the cast and creative team!

So awesome. In this first look at one of the pages, we see a whole new look at Wendigos.

In the drawn depictions, we see a Wendigo crouching over a a detached human leg, looking ravenously at it. Going further, we get a written description. “A Wendigo is strong enough to not only fight an Alpha Werewolf, but to possibly win such a fight,” it says.

Furthermore, according to the description, “these vicious supernatural creatures were an unwelcome discovery among the native people of the new world. They are known to have an uncontrollable appetite for human flesh which leads them to kill despite any better judgment they might possess.”

Also, we’ve got another special treat for you, in order to celebrate the fourth season’s DVD release in style. Check out the video above for special interviews with series executive producer, Jeff Davis, as well as series star, Tyler Hoechlin. The two chat all about– what else?– the creation of these mythical Windigos!

Teen Wolf season four will be released on DVD on June 9. Are you excited for the special edition Bestiary book?

— Casey Mink