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‘Party Down South’ Star Keeps Gun Near Infant: Fans Outraged Over Dangerous Situation?

Fri, June 5, 2015 10:28am EDT by 2 Comments
Courtesy of Instagram

Former ‘Party Down South’ star Taylor ‘Lil Bit’ Wright posted quite the controversial picture. The reality star uploaded a photo to Instagram showing her boyfriend Dalton Elliott, tending to their newborn son. Harmless right? Well, there’s also a handgun on the nightstand.

Taylor Wright didn’t think twice about posting a sweet photo of her one-month-old son Nash resting peacefully on June 3. The issue? There’s a handgun sitting on her nightstand right above the boy which has raised some concern. But are her fans supporting her or outraged?

In the photo Taylor posted on June 3, we see her one-month-old son Nash, resting in his sleeper and being soothed by his dad Dalton Elliott. Above him on the nightstand is his parent’s handgun. So, just how dangerous is it to have the weapon so close to the baby? Fans have come to Taylor’s defense on Instagram.

Fans Respond On Instagram: Show Support

czap14: @lilbitsouth my momma kept a gun on the table by the couch every night. Daddy had several guns. We knew how to use them and knew the weren’t toys.

southern_bell69: @lilbitsouth me and my boyfriend have a gun on both sides of our bed and he has more than one on his side and when our little one gets here in December they won’t move my child will be taught the does and donts of a gun and everything will be fine. I guess it’s just a southern thing and they don’t understand we like to keep our family safe.

itslynsey: Some people are so naive. You are a fool not to own a gun. I would rather own a gun and never have to use it, then God forbid one day need to use a gun against someone trying to hurt me or my family and not have one. As long as you are safe, and take necessary precautions to never allow a gun to end up in the wrong hands then I applaud you for exercising your given right of the 2nd amendment.

twistaaa_lynnee: I think it’d be a little different if Nash was older, for there to be a gun on the dresser, but now at this point in time, he can’t even hold his bottle, more less get up and grab the gun, so I don’t really think there is a problem with having a gun by the night stand, where you, your wife, and precious baby lay your heads down at night. protect your family in the way YOU want. I think you’re great parents!

tashalynnnn: I’m confused as to why this is news worthy… She’s exercising her right as an American to protect herself and her family…the nightstand was always where the gun was when I was growing up and i know that goes for many people!

xoxormg: We always keep ours on the night stand too. We were taught at an early age how to properly handle one. Nothing wrong with that!

She later followed it up with another picture on June 5, standing by her right to own a weapon.

HollywoodLifers — what do you think about a gun being so close to a newborn baby? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Brittany King