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Kylie Jenner Wants Chris Brown To Apologize To Caitlyn After Dissing Her On Instagram

Fri, June 5, 2015 7:34pm EDT by 20 Comments

Chris Brown sure has a lot of explaining to do! After dissing his good friend Kylie Jenner’s dad on Instagram, the teen reality star was quick to call him out on his cruel remarks — and now she wants a formal apology!

She may be young, but that doesn’t mean you can mess with Kylie Jenner, 17! The Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty will check you on the spot if you come for her family. After her (former?) friend Chris Brown, 26, dissed Kylie’s dad, Caitlyn Jenner, 65, on social media, she’s letting him know he better say sorry — or else her boyfriend, Tyga, 25, is going to get involved! has all the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

“Kylie wants an apology,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Tyga is very protective of her and her family, so chances are he’ll say something to Chris about this. He’s that kind of guy.”

While Kylie is infuriated over Breezy’s insensitivity, she’s also just plain confused. “Kylie doesn’t understand why he would do this. It’s very hurtful. She’s shocked that he would do something like this. She never expected it,” the insider adds. “It’s put her and everyone in the family in a hard place because they all really like Chris and they’ve always stood by him.” Hmm, maybe not so much anymore?!

Kylie Jenner Slams Chris Brown For Dissing Caitlyn Jenner

“Not very nice to say about your friends dad,” Kylie wrote in a comment on Chris’ Instagram diss for Caitlyn: a meme, which Snoop Dogg originally uploaded on June 3, featuring an image of Akon, saying people should put more attention on “real news,” like the fact that Akon is supplying 600 million Africans with solar power, instead of Caitlyn’s transition. The worst part? The now-deleted post referred to Caitlyn as “that science project Bruce Jenner.” Not cool!

The 17-year-old was so hurt she felt implored to defend her dad yet again. Kylie followed up her Instagram comment with an inspirational tweet. “State what you want about the world without bashing others. Leave a positive impact,” she posted, along with a few hearts. Clearly, she was referring to Chris’ derogatory diss. Can Mr. Brown swallow his pride and apologize to Caitlyn — at least for the sake of his friendship with Kylie? We sure hope so!

HollywoodLifers — what do YOU think? Should Chris say sorry to Caitlyn? Let us know!

— Evan Real

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