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‘RKOBH’: Morgan Tells The Girls How To Poop In Front Of Your Boyfriend

Thu, June 4, 2015 3:08pm EDT by Add first Comment

Talk about rich people problems! In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at the upcoming episode of ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,’ the girls have a very serious conversation about, uh, well just watch the clip!

This is certainly interesting afternoon chatter! In an EXCLUSIVE look at the June 7 episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, star Morgan Stewart answers the age old question: How can girls poop while their boyfriends are present? Whether you’ve been in a similar conundrum, or find the question too ridiculous to even acknowledge, you’re gonna want to check this clip– trust us!

Adam Levine‘s house is taking forever to get built,” Roxy Sowlaty complains at the start of the girls’ conversation, sorta indicating the direction things are heading in. She then airs another concern.

“That’s the thing about having a boyfriend I’m scared about, is going to the bathroom,” she adds. “Like, in my last relationship, I never went to the bathroom in front of him ever.”

Morgan, being the sage, relationship-pooping expert that she is, breaks down how it must be done. “You have to go to the bathroom, leave it, shower, and then flush,” she tells her friends.

Dorothy Wang picks up the PSA from there. “If you’re going to the bathroom and you turn the shower on, and then you flush 10 minutes into your ‘shower’…” Dorothy says. “It makes no sense!” Morgan adds.

From there, we cut away to Roxy who expresses her true feelings on the matter. “I will never take a s–t in front of my boyfriend in my entire life,” she says. “Girls don’t do that. They sparkle.” Whatever you say, Roxy!

Tune in to the new episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! on June 7 at 10 pm.

What do you think of the clip? Are you excited to see the full conversation or are you totally grossed out?

— Casey Mink