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‘American Ultra’ Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart Are Murderous Stoners

Thu, May 28, 2015 3:54pm EDT by 98 Comments

This just looks so good. In the upcoming action comedy, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart will play the roles of a lifetime– well, role of a lifetime. Watch the hilarious trailer now!

In American UltraJesse Eisenberg will play a stoner who finds himself in over his head when he becomes inflicted in a dangerous government operation. Okay, way over his head. The film, which hits theaters on Aug. 21, will also star Kristen Stewart as Jesse’s weed-loving girlfriend and, if this trailer is a sign of what’s to come, the entire movie is going to be epic and hilarious. Check out the laugh-out-loud sneak peek now!

‘American Ultra’: Hilarious Trailer

As this trailer starts out, Jesse is just a normal guy who works as a cashier at a minimart, and who is a pretty diligent pot smoker. However, as tends to happen in movies, everything changes in an instant.

A woman walks up to the counter and explains to Jesse that a mission has been initiated, following a security breach. “Is that a lyric from something?” he asks her.

As Jesse then the store for the evening, he sees two mysterious dudes screwing with his car. When he tells them to stop, they approach and, suddenly, he whips out the most insane ninja fighting skills and kills the guys. Clearly, he didn’t know he could do that.

Hi There, Topher Grace

He calls Kristen, panicked, to explain that he definitely just killed two people and she reasonably asks if he called the cops. “No I didn’t call the police because I have a lot of like weed and mushrooms in my car,” he says.

And from here, we see the adventure begin. Oh, and as if the movie didn’t look amazing enough, Topher Grace is also a star so, yeah, is it August yet?

What do you think of the American Ultra trailer? Are you excited for the movie?

— Casey Mink