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‘Tomorrowland’ Review Roundup: Are Critics Enchanted By George Clooney Thriller?

Thu, May 21, 2015 3:14pm EDT by 1 Comment

‘Tomorrowland’ has finally hit theaters which means the reviews are in! Should you spend your long weekend checking out the thriller? Find out what the critics had to say!

In Tomorrowland, which hits theaters on May 21, George Clooney plays a former boy genius who, along with a teenager with a special gift (Britt Robertson), sets out to explore somewhere called “Tomorrowland” (duh), a place caught between time and space. With a concept like that and Mr. Clooney in the starring role, the movie’s gotta be a hit, right? Well, let the reviews speak for themselves!

‘Tomorrowland’ Reviews

New York Times:

There is nothing casual or whimsical about this movie’s celebration of imagination, optimism and joy. On the contrary: It’s a determined and didactic argument in favor of all those things, and an angry indictment of everyone who opposes them.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Theoretically, the required ingredients for a big summer hit are mostly present and accounted for, but the considerable question remains as to whether the mass audience of the moment is ready to embrace an inventive but less overwhelmingly Marvelous adventure fantasy than is the current norm.

New York Magazine:

Brad Bird’s Disney-produced sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland is the most enchanting reactionary cultural diatribe ever made. It’s so smart, so winsome, so utterly rejuvenating that you’ll have to wait until your eyes have dried and your buzz has worn off before you can begin to argue with it. And you should argue with it — even if you had a blast, as I did, and want to see it again with the kids, as I do — because it’s a major pop-culture statement with all sorts of implications, both vital and nutty.

The Wrap:

Named after one of Disneyland’s least interesting themed areas, Tomorrowland is a globe-trotting, time-traveling caper whose giddy visual whimsies and exuberant cartoon violence are undermined by a coy mystery that stretches as long as the line for “Space Mountain” on a hot summer day.

Well the critics have sounded off, so now it’s your turn. Do you plan to check out Tomorrowland?

— Casey Mink