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Jimmy Kimmel Cries & Other Late Night Hosts Bid Farewell To Letterman — Watch

Thu, May 21, 2015 9:37am EDT by Add first Comment

David Letterman was so well-loved, that even his competitors are sad to see him go. Jimmy Kimmel actually teared up while talking about it! Check out his, and all the other late night hosts’, tributes to Dave before his final show.

After 33 years and 6,028 episodes, David Letterman’s run on The Late Show has come to an end. The 68-year-old said goodbye in a funny, yet emotional, final episode on May 20, while his fellow late night hosts used their own platforms to pay tribute. Jimmy Kimmel got especially emotional while reminiscing on the man he considered his inspiration — and you can watch his, and all the rest of the goodbyes, here!

Jimmy Kimmel Cries Over David Letterman’s Last Show & More Late Night Host Tributes

Who knew Jimmy could be so emotional?! While paying tribute to Letterman, the late night host got choked up, remembering how he used to watch the show long before he began hosting his own — Jimmy even had a L8 Night vanity license plate on his first car!

“I learned almost nothing in college, I really didn’t,” he admitted. “But watching Late Night, I learned how to do everything from Dave. The reason I have this show, is because the executives at ABC saw me when I was a guest on Dave’s show and then hired me on this show. I want to thank Dave and his writers and producers. Tomorrow night is Letterman’s farewell show, and I want you to watch that show.

But Jimmy wasn’t the only one — all of Dave’s fellow late show hosts made sure to give tributes of their own, too.

“I think this show, what late night has become, is a result of [Dave] playing with the genre and experimenting and exploring and doing that stuff,” Jimmy Fallon admitted. “I, like every kid who grew up watching him, will miss him.”

Newest late show host, James Corden, who’s Late Late Show airs after David’s, also took some time from his show to share his thoughts.

“You think so long about how you would follow such a thing, and then you realize, that so many broadcasters, comedians and performers are all following Dave,” he gushed. “So many ideas on television today come from his incredible 30-year career. He turned the format on its head and then literally threw it off the roof. Rarely is there a performer who one can say truly revolutionized television, but when it comes to Davidd Letterman, I do not think that definition goes far enough. As you know, I didn’t grow up here, and the Late Show wasn’t on in England, so it wasn’t until I was here for a while that I realized the brilliance and significance of David Letterman.”

James even took things a step further, taking on Dave’s famous Top 10 list with one of his own — the ‘Top 10 Things We’ll Miss About Dave.’ Naturally he brought some comedy to the sketch, but also made sure to remind viewers why Letterman was so special and revolutionary.

While hosting NBC’s Late Night, Seth Meyers shared his favorite memory of Dave, which was from when he appeared as a guest on the Late Show and told a funny story about his now father-in-law and a goat.

“For me, that’s what made Dave special. That he could talk to you about something very insignificant and he could make it more interesting than anyone else could,” Seth explained. “He was a host that brought that out in people. It’s incredible to me that this is a show that Dave started and I get to work here every day.”

Finally, Conan O’Brien also paid tribute on his TBS late show. This was an especially important moment, because Conan briefly took over Dave’s show in 1993.

“Tonight is no ordinary night as anybody here knows. In about 34 minutes, David Letterman is going to air his last episode and it’s a huge deal,” he said. “Everybody this past week has been struggling to explain what this man has meant, what his leaving television means to us personally, but let’s face it, there simply, are no words, that can encapsulate the sheer magnitude of what Dave has achieved these past 33 years. It cannot be done. He’s been the North Star for me and for every comic of my generation.”

David Letterman & Famous Friends Say Farewell To ‘The Late Show’

During David’s farewell show, stars like Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, Peyton Manning and more stars showed up to say goodbye and pay tribute.

The iconic comic aired his final Top 10 list: The Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Say To Dave, which featured friends of the show and frequent guests. Things concluded with a performance from the Foo Fighters, something that was especially special to Dave because after he had heart surgery 15 years ago, the band was the first to perform on the show upon his return.

Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show next fall. We’ll miss you, Dave!

HollywoodLifers — what do you think of all the late night hosts’ tributes to Letterman?

–Alyssa Norwin