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Girl, 2, Dies After Being Hit In Head By Falling Brick: Parents Donate Her Organs

Tue, May 19, 2015 12:04pm EDT by 2 Comments
Courtesy of Facebook/CBS

So heartbreaking. A sweet little two-year-old girl has sadly passed away one day after being struck in the head by a falling brick. Greta Greene was sitting on a bench with her grandmother when debris from the building above came raining down and hit them both.

Greta Greene, 2, died on May 18 after a freak accident left her in critical condition. She was outside sitting on a bench with her grandmother, Susan Frierson, 60, when debris from a building in New York City came falling down and struck her in the head.

Toddler Dies After Falling Brick Hits Her In The Head

Greta was relaxing in her grandmother’s arms while they sat on a bench in Manhattan on May 17 when a large chunk of brick fell from a window ledge eight floors up, striking her in the head, according to the Daily Mail

A nearby neighbor who witnessed the awful scene told the outlet, “I was walking down 76th when I heard the screams. The kid was gushing blood from her head,” Tsvi Kohl recalled. “Me and three other ladies tried to give [the child] CPR and see if she had a pulse and was breathing. She was breathing but barely . . . There was no movement, no function, no cry. Just a beautiful baby girl.”

So awful.

She was then rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital where she was listed in critical condition and underwent surgery. Doctors removed a section of the toddler’s skull to relieve swelling and bleeding in the brain in hopes of saving her, according to the outlet.

Parents Donate Toddlers Organs

Greta was kept alive by life support when her parents, Stacy and Jayson decided to remove their little girl from life-support. As tragic and heartbreaking as this entire situation it, they made a selfless decision save others and donate their baby’s organs to others in need, according to the Daily News.

Such an awful thing to have to go through, but what an amazing thing Stacy and Jayson did for other families.

Our thoughts are with Greta’s family and friends at this difficult time.

— Brittany King