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‘KUWTK’: Bruce Jenner Reveals ‘She’ Is ‘More Fun, At Ease’

Tue, May 19, 2015 5:16pm EDT by 2 Comments

The ‘KUWTK: About Bruce’ special was full of revelations about Bruce Jenner and his transition. Bruce even revealed more about the woman he’s becoming, saying that she’s ‘at ease’ and is ‘always more fun!’

As Bruce Jenner, 65, continues to transition into a woman, details about his true self have been few and far between. However, during KUWTK: About Bruce, the Olympian shed a little light on “her,” stating that after he fully transitions, he’ll still be Bruce – but a Bruce who feels “good about herself!”

‘KUWTK’: Bruce Jenner Reveals True Self Is ‘More Fun’

We got to know a little bit more about Bruce’s true self on the May 18 KUWTK special. Bruce has kept certain aspects about “her” under wraps — including her new name —  since announcing his transition. However, during the second half of the two-part special, Bruce clarified more about this woman he’s becoming, describing someone more comfortable with herself.

“She is always more fun, at ease, feeling good about herself,” Bruce said, adding, “It’s like Bruce with a little icing on the cake.”

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It sounds like the person Bruce wants to be — or truly is — is happy. That’s great! Everyone should feel good about himself or herself, no matter who they are. If Bruce sees his true self, this “she,” as someone comfortable and peace with herself, then we can only wish Bruce the best!

Kim Kardashian Confesses: I’ve Met Bruce Jenner As ‘Her’ — ‘She’s Beautiful’

Bruce has introduced “her” to a select few, including his daughter, Kim Kardashian. On May 18, she told Access Hollywood’s host, Billy Bush that Bruce introduced the woman he wants to be to Kim, and that “she looked beautiful, really beautiful.” The Selfish author also added that “she” was also “very comfortable,” and that meeting her was “amazing.”

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— Jason Brow