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Dean Potter: Extreme Climber & Friend Die In Tragic Base-Jumping Accident

Mon, May 18, 2015 9:50am EDT by 3 Comments
dean potter dead
Courtesy of Instagram

This is terrifying! Extreme Athlete Dean Potter and a friend died during a stunt in Yosemite Park. The two vanished after jumping off a cliff and when authorities located them, it was discovered their parachutes never deployed!

How sad. Dean Potter, 43, a bold athlete known for his outrageous rock climbs and BASE jumps, tragically died alongside fellow climber, Graham Hunt, 29, during an adventure in Yosemite National Park in California. In an accident that makes our heart race just to read about it, Dean and his friend leaped off an over 7,000-tall cliff, disappearing out of sight before they reportedly plummeted to their deaths!

Dean Potter Dead: Stunt Climber & Friend Perish In Base-Jump Accident

The fatal accident that killed Dean and Graham happened on May 16, reports The Daily Mail. The two daredevils took flight in their wingsuits, leaping from a 7,500-foot cliff called Taft Point. But their spotter lost sight of them, and when they didn’t come back that night, a search-and-rescue mission was started immediately!

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be found alive. Helicopter crews discovered their bodies the next day. While the exact cause of death is unknown at the time, it is reported that Dean and Graham’s parachutes were never deployed.

In an eerie May 15 post on his Instagram, Dean posted a picture of his mentor, Beat Kammerlander, while saying that his FreeBASE rock climbing style was his way of turning “dying into flying.” Scary!

A cameramen taking photos of Dean and Graham during their jump told National Geographic said that two loud sounds were heard, leading investigators to believe that there might have been an impact.

Scott Geidman, a Yosemite spokesman said that Dean and Graham’s death is “a horrible incident, and our deepest sympathies go out to their friends and family. This is a huge loss for us all.”

Dean Potter: An Extreme Daredevil

Dean was called the ‘Dark Wizard,’ and his career of extreme – and often illegal – stunts. In 2006, he climbed Utah’s Delicate Arch, but the stunt cost him a sponsorship with Patagonia clothing. As a tightrope walker, Dean crossed the Enshi Grand Canyon in China’s Hubei’s providence, balancing on a rope almost 6,000 feet above sea level! He used his free-base climbing method for the first time in 2008, climbing Switzerland’s 13,000-foot tall Eiger mountain. Dean was also known for bringing his dog, Whisper, along with him during his climbs and jumps.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of Dean and Graham during this time of loss.

— Jason Brow