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Fitness Friday: Get Kim Kardashian’s Abs In 3 Moves Without A Waist Trainer

Fri, May 15, 2015 1:28pm EDT by 5 Comments

It’s crunch time: the countdown to Memorial Day weekend and bikini season has started here at HollywoodLife! And, while you may want to take shortcuts to achieve a toned tummy like Kim Kardashian, nothing can replace a good old fashioned hard workout. Here’s how to do it!

Instead of spending your extra savings trying to whittle down your waist with a waist trainer a la Kim Kardashian, 34, you can simply transform your sexy body sans shortcuts. These ab exercises from DavidBartonGym don’t require a $70 waist trainer, but they do demand that you give it your all!

Kim Kardashian’s Abs — Get Her Toned Tummy

Mike Strevel, Training Manager of DavidBartonGym Limelight, may see the benefit of Kim and Khloe Kardashian‘s unconventional product, but he tell us that he doesn’t think it offers a long-term solution. However, using other approaches in the gym can help any Kardashian (and you) tone and tighten the waist just as quick while offering lasting results.

First, begin with the RKC Plank, which targets abs, obliques and glutes.

“Start in a standard Plank position but with your elbows a few inches in front of  your shoulders.  Keep your back straight, squeeze your fists and lock your shoulders by rotating your arms outwards slightly.  Squeeze your knees and contract your quads and glutes.  Imagine pulling your elbows to your toes as if moving into a Pike position,” explained Mike. You’ll want to complete the RKC Plank for 10-20 seconds each for 3-5 sets.

Next up: the Swiss Ball Roll Out! This exercise targets transverse abs, rectus abs and obliques.

Mike recommends that you begin by holding yourself in a push up position with your knees on a swiss ball. With your body in a push up position, keep your legs straight and push your hips up towards the ceiling, release and return to the push up position and push your body backwards on the ball until your arms are fully extended in front of you and your legs are fully extended behind you. Again, return to the start and complete 10-20 reps for 3 sets. ​


More Ab Exercises To Get Kim Kardashian’s Enviable Figure

Are you sweating yet….?

Finally, for your third and final ab move, make waves on the beach with your toned tummy upon completing the Cable Woodchop, an exercise that benefits your shoulders, hip function and transverse abs.

“With a handle attached to the top setting of an adjustable cable machine, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms upward and grab the handle with both hands above one shoulder. Fully extend your arms and pull the handle down and across your body to the opposite side of your hip. Allow your hips and torso to rotate, bending slightly in your knees and let the heel closest to the machine elevate and turn with you. When performing this movement start to contract your abs at the beginning of the pull.  You should be fully extended at the top and fully contracted at the bottom. Slowly reverse and repeat,” revealed Mike.

Of course, it’s always important to look chic while gearing up for beach season. Get motivated to hit work those obliques in the Fifth Sun Tone Up Graphic Tank.

At the end of the day, nothing can replace a hard-earned workout.

HollywoodLifers, are you ready to sweat it?

— Jordyn Shaffer