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‘Pitch Perfect 2’: Hailee Steinfeld Shines, Rebel Wilson Brings Laughs

Tue, May 12, 2015 12:13pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

Sequels to hit comedy movies are often a groan-inducing experience, but, thankfully, that is not the case with ‘Pitch Perfect 2.’ Not only do the Barden Bellas bring more laughs than in the first, but newcomer Hailee Steinfeld will totally steal your heart!

On May 15, the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters everywhere, and it’s a bonafide hit. While the hilarious original cast, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks, return for more, it’s Hailee Steinfeld who will leave your jaw on the floor with her incredible voice and unbelievably charming performance.

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Review: Hailee Steinfeld & Rebel Wilson Steal The Show

As a self proclaimed film fanatic, I know that a good sequel to a great film is rare. More so than that, it’s nearly impossible to find.

So, I am beyond happy to tell you that Pitch Perfect 2 is not only a good sequel, it is a great sequel. Actually, great doesn’t cover it. Let’s go with the following adjectives: fantastic, wonderful, incredible, and, of course, aca-freaking-amazing!

‘Pitch Perfect’ Quiz: Which Barden Bella Are You?


The Bellas are back, but they are not better than ever. When we reunite with the group of misfit girls we fell in love with back in 2012, a (hilarious) scandal has knocked them off of their throne. Faced with the legendary Barden Bellas ending forever on their watch, they are forced to take a step back and find the harmony that once brought them together and made them the three-time national champions they once were. It’s a brilliant plot point that gives the sequel the fresh take it needed to outdo the original — and it succeeds.

First time director, Elizabeth Banks, who originally co-starred and produced the first film, could not have done a better job at keeping the Bellas’ spark alive. Not to mention, the chemistry between the insanely talented cast is out of this world. It could actually be considered potent as it bleeds through the lens and right into the audience’s hearts! Even the newest additions to the Bellas, Chrissie Fit‘s unintentionally snarky Flo, and Hailee’s nervous-but-adorable legacy, Emily, fit in like two puzzle pieces we didn’t realize were missing.

Hailee Steinfeld & New Villains Steal The Show

Speaking of Hailee, she’s been known as an “up and coming” star in Hollywood for quite some time, but in PP2 she completely breaks out of her shell. Not only does she nail the physical comedy, but her surprisingly gorgeous singing voice will leave you begging for more. It’s safe to say that they could not have picked a more perfect young actress for the role!

I would be remiss not to address the new villains in town, German a cappella group Das Sound Machine, fronted by Birgitte Hjort Sørensen and YouTube sensation Flula Borg. They are the villains you love to hate, much like Anna Kendrick’s character Beca Mitchell does. They are good looking, insanely talented, and they put on killer performance after performance throughout the film. It’s a nice change from watching the Bellas go up against their brother group, the Treblemakers, who have seemingly lost their massive popularity due to the Bellas success over the years. Girls rule!

Of course, Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy is a scene stealer from start to finish — much like the first. The film actually revolves heavily around Amy, as it’s her own mishap that sets the Bellas back in the beginning. Plus, it’s Fat Amy who has the romantic storyline in the film, as well as an accompanying solo, because Beca and Jesse (played once again by Skylar Astin), are still happy in love and planning their aca-future together. (Sorry, Bechloe shippers!)

Overly Offensive Jokes Keep ‘PP2’ From A Perfect Score

The only reason Pitch Perfect 2 is not getting a full 5 stars from is due to one-too-many racially charged jokes that left not just me, but the entire audience, either cringing or feeling uncomfortable. Most of those jokes come at the expense of Flo, the Bella who refers to herself as the “minority” of the group. Flo may deliver as many shots as she takes, but it’s definitely over-the-top — especially when John Michael Higgins‘ character gets involved.

But, Pitch Perfect 2 is still a hit! A huge hit, actually, and totally worth taking a trip or two to the movie theaters with your closest friends on opening weekend.

Things to look out for: CAMEOS! There are tons of familiar and surprising faces in this sequel, from real-life a cappella superstars Pentatonix to Snoop Dogg. Oh, and don’t rush out once the film ends because there is a post-credits scene you do not want to miss!

In short, if you enjoyed the first film in any way, shape, or form, you will absolutely enjoy yourself during the second.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are you planning to see Pitch Perfect 2 in theaters? If you’ve seen it already, what did YOU think? Comment below & tell us!

— Lauren Cox