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Ronda Rousey: UFC Champ Reveals Painkillers Addiction & Heartbreak of Dad’s Suicide

Mon, May 11, 2015 3:09pm EDT by 1 Comment
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She may be the baddest woman on the planet, but even Ronda Rousey has her struggles. The MMA star’s memoir details a childhood marked with tragedy and how achieving Olympic glory led her to dark period of addiction!

You don’t mess with Ronda Rousey. The 28 year-old Olympic Medal winner and undefeated MMA champ appears invincible! But, even she will tell you that the biggest challenges didn’t happen in the ring. In her new book, the star of the Entourage movie revealed some of her personal tragedies, including drug addiction and her father’s suicide!

Ronda Rousey: UFC Fighter Talks Addiction And Father’s Suicide In Book

Ronda held nothing back in her memoir, My Fight/Your Fight, set for a May 12 release. In it, the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion discussed the life changing events that helped shape her, reports the New York Post.

Even out of the gate, Ronda had it rough. She was born with her umbilical cord around her neck and nearly died! Thankfully, doctors revived her but it left Ronda developmentally damaged. She didn’t talk until she was 4 and didn’t speak in coherent sentences until she was 6.

Shortly after that, Ronda suffered another tragedy: her father killed himself when she was only 8 years-old. After years of chronic, acute back pain from a freak accident, her father could no longer handle it.

“None of us were the same after that,” Rousey says in her book.

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My Fight/Your Fight also details Ronda’s rise to martial art superstardom, including participating in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. After winning the Bronze medal in judo, Ronda decided to take a year off “to party.” She became a bartender and developed an addiction to both alcohol and Vicodin, saying she started her day with a cigarette and a vodka espresso!

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It wasn’t until she caught a MMA highlight reel at the bar where she worked that she found her true calling. She cleaned herself up, started training, and won her first fight – in 23 seconds! Afterwards, Ronda claimed she “felt a level of joy that [she] had never experienced before.”

Incredible! From the depths of addiction to the top of the MMA world. Way to go, Ronda!

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That joy from her first victory continued up until her most recent match. Ronda faced Cat Zingano on Feb. 28 at UFC 184 in Los Angeles. Ronda showed why she’s still undefeated, tapping out Cat in just 14 seconds! It tied for the fastest submission in UFC history and has left people wondering if Ronda could ever be beat!

What do you think about Ronda, HollywoodLifers? Not only is she beating people in the ring, she beat her drug and alcohol addiction!

— Jason Brow