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‘Revenge’ Series Finale: Fans Freak Out Over [SPOILER]’s Violent Death

Mon, May 11, 2015 12:21am EDT by 3 Comments

If your head is spinning after the series finale of ‘Revenge’, you’re not alone! Everything basically happened all at once, including when Emily and Victoria faced off one last time — but only one of them survived the bloodbath. And fans have been freaking out ever since!

On the May 10 series finale of Revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) broke out of prison so she could hunt down Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and exact her revenge once and for all. But did she succeed? Find out!

‘Revenge’ Series Finale: Victoria Dies — Fans React To Bloody Shooting

Yes, Victoria was murdered in the series finale, but not by who we expected!

That’s right — though Emily finds Victoria’s temporary hiding place and holds a gun to her face, she doesn’t actually get the chance to pull the trigger. Instead, it’s her dad, David Clarke (James Tupper) who snuffs out Queen V!

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After the shot rang out, Victoria fell down, which obviously caused Amanda to become pissed (“She was mine!”), but the deed was done, and in David’s defense, he had his daughter’s soul to protect. All’s fair in love and revenge, right?

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In another twist, that father/daughter conversation was a great opportunity for the still-conscious Victoria to grab the gun and shoot Emily, who immediately collapsed!

(Fortunately, she lived — but it was a close one. She may or may not have received the dying Victoria’s heart in a covert hospital transplant in order to survive. We’ll never know if that dream sequence was actually a reality!)

So, Victoria finalle died. As you may recall, she faked her death earlier in the season, but this time it was for good!

Two attractive women lying in pools of blood is not an easily swallowable image, and tons of fans are now expressing their thoughts in so many words. Below, check out what some of them have been saying about the bloodbath— and be sure to let us know how YOU felt about Revenge‘s ending in the comments section.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think about the Revenge finale and Victoria’s gruesome death? Let us know!

— Gabriella Ginsberg