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‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale Recap: Emma Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice For Regina

Sun, May 10, 2015 10:36pm EDT by Avery Thompson 5 Comments

What an incredible two hours of television. The season 4 finale of ‘Once Upon A Time’ was undoubtedly its best yet. The heroes became villains, the villains became heroes and more!

The season finale of Once Upon A Time sure was a shocker! After the Author (Patrick Fischler) rewrote everyone’s story, it was up to Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) to make things right. Our favorite heroes became evil villains, and those devilish villains became knights in shining armor. By the end of the May 10 finale, a new Author was discovered, someone big was name-dropped as the Sorcerer and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) made a shocking sacrifice for Regina (Lana Parilla).

‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale Recap:

It was 1966 and the Author was a struggling writer working as TV salesman. He received a letter for Star Publishing and bolted to the office. The Apprentice was waiting for him. He was getting a book deal of epic proportions. The Apprentice told him to choose a pen. Isaac chose one, and the pen flickered in his hand. Isaac was the new Author.

The Apprentice created the door and revealed Isaac now had the most important job in all the realms. Did he even check Isaac’s resume?

Back in Storybrooke, the gang was trying to figure out what to do next concerning Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and the Author. August (Eion Bailey) stopped by and said they needed the Apprentice. Well, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) knew exactly where he was. After he was brought back, the Apprentice was adamant to put the Author back where he belonged. All he needed was the page of the door and the key.

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Over at the shop, Rumple was pondering a pretty important question: Why was the Author helping him? Well, the Author saw himself in Rumple. They were flawed, but it didn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to be happy. The Author was ready for the villains to get their happy ending. The Author just had one more thing — Baelfire. Unfortunately, magic couldn’t bring back the dead. The pen and ink can only change a past that was created. However, the Author could do something. In his new life, Rumple wanted a world where he did the right thing by Baelfire. He wanted Bae to have seen him as a hero. (Is anyone else crying?) Regardless of what he’s done, a lifetime of regret over someone you love is one of the worst crosses to bear.

With that, the Author wrote, “The End.” Suddenly, everything changed.

And I mean everything.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale Recap:

Henry woke up at Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming’s (Josh Dallas) with the key in his hand. Everyone was gone. The town had been abandoned. He drove to a restaurant and came across Heroes and Villains written by Isaac. Yeah, in this world, he’d become the best-selling author he’d always wanted to be.

Henry showed up to his book tour and threatened to open the door from the storybook right then and there unless Isaac spilled the beans. Apparently, everyone now lived in an alternate reality in the original book. Emma didn’t get a happy ending, and she was no longer the savior.

Isaac couldn’t bring them back because he’d written his own happy ending. (Did the thought cross anyone’s mind that Henry could be the next Author?) In a swift act, Henry opened a door in Heroes and Villains. He was taken to the Enchanted Forest, but the Author was there to put a stop to things. An actual ogre came after Henry, but guess who saved him? RUMPLE!

Henry came across Regina and just dropped the bomb that she was his mom. LOL, Henry. He showed her Heroes and Villains, but she didn’t want to hear any of it. Henry couldn’t do anything until Regina found true love. He believed Regina and Robin’s true love could break this madness.

Meanwhile, Isaac was captured by the seven dwarves and brought to Snow White. DAYUM SNOW LOOKS SO FIERCE! And Charming was wearing guyliner!!!!!! Just seconds before Charming was about to chop off Isaac’s head, he admitted that he knew who Snow truly loved. In this world, Regina had killed her true love James. He knew exactly where to find Regina, so she could get her revenge. All he wanted was for both Regina and Henry to end up dead.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale Recap:

Regina and Snow crossed paths in the Enchanted Forest, and Snow nearly killed Regina. But it was Robin to the rescue! It would seem that this was the start of their love story, but no. Robin was getting married that day — to ZELENA! However, as Regina thanked Robin, there was that look between them.

Henry revealed that everything was flipped here, and Robin was her true love. All they had to do was find Emma. She was the one who could fix this. Regina had only heard of her. Snow had locked her away in an impenetrable prison. Henry teamed up with Hook to save Emma from the castle. When Henry found Emma, she knew everything.

That made things a little awkward between her and Hook. She knew they were in love, while he did not. But can we just talk about those sparks that fly when their eyes met? Like, Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly.” They didn’t have time to waste, though. They needed to get away from Lily, who was still a dragon in this world! Later, their sexual tension became unbearable as she taught Hook to fight again.

Snow, Charming and Lily (Agnes Bruckner) interrupted this lovely scene unfortunately. That’s when Emma thought it was a good time to reveal that Snow and Charming were her parents. They basically laughed in her face. Hook told Emma to save Henry and herself. He battled Charming and had Snow cornered before Charming snuck up and KILLED HIM.

I am hyperventilating right now.

The new hero in the Enchanted Forest was clearly enjoying himself. Rumple had everything he wanted — Belle (Emile de Ravin), a baby and the ability to call himself a hero. However, the Author showed up to warn him that all of that could disappear because of Regina. He had to kill Regina in order to keep his life as is. The Author addressed the big elephant in the room — Rumple wasn’t really a hero. Later, Rumple revealed his worry to Belle over the force that threatened to destroy everything they had. Belle reassured Rumple that he was a hero and would do the right thing. There was a major Chip reference in this scene, and I LOVED it!

‘Once Upon A Time’ Finale Recap:

Henry, Emma and Regina eventually teamed up to stop Robin’s wedding. Rumple showed up, and Emma gladly took him to battle. When he’d tossed Emma aside, he went after Henry. Before he could kill Henry, Regina stepped in Rumple’s way. Newlyweds Robin and Zelena had just married, but Robin rushed to Regina’s side.

Isaac said it was too late for Regina. That’s when Henry grabbed the pen and a notebook. With Regina’s blood, Henry undid Isaac’s work. Everyone awoke back in Storybrooke!  Emma found Hook and they shared the sweetest moment in Captain Swan history. She didn’t say those three magic words, but that’s OK.

The Apprentice offered important advice to Henry as he dealt with being the new Author. His father could never be brought back, no matter what Henry wrote. Neal died in the real world, and that can never be undone. The stories in the storybook could never be erased because they were the truth. The truth is what Henry had to write. Henry broke the quill. “No one should have that much power,” he said.

Rumple was back to square one. But he was running out of time. He and Belle shared a beautiful moment together after episodes apart. Belle wondered why what they had in Storybrooke wasn’t enough for him. “Who could love me?” Rumple replied, breaking hearts everywhere. He told her to go away with Will, and Belle said, “I don’t love Will. “

At the end of the episode, Rumple was nearly gone, and the Dark One was about to take over. The Apprentice pulled the darkness from him and put it into the Sorceror’s Hat. Rumple’s name was now off the dagger. The darkness, which looked exactly like DEMENTORS, escaped from the hat and consumed the Apprentice. It obviously didn’t like what it saw, so it left the Apprentice’s body. Before the Apprentice died, he revealed that the darkness had to be tethered to a human so it could be controlled.

The Sorcerer was the only one with the power to destroy the darkness. His name was Merlin. (!!!!)

The darkness had disappeared, but it was surrounding them all. It began to consume Regina, sucking out all the light inside of her. Emma took a step forward. Regina pleaded with her not to, but Emma told her she worked too hard to lose her happy ending. She looked back at her parents and Hook and told them to save her. Hook begged Emma not to sacrifice herself.

Emma looked at him and said, “I love you.” After that, she took the dagger and let the darkness consume her.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMMA IS NOW THE DARK ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did you love the OUAT finale? Sound off with your thoughts below!

— Avery Thompson