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‘Girl Meets World’: Ben Savage Asked Jennifer Love Hewitt To Return As ‘Feffy’

Sat, May 9, 2015 12:38pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments

Even though Rowan Blanchard wasn’t on ‘Boy Meets World’ — er, wasn’t alive for it — her favorite episode is still ‘And Then There was Shawn,’ but you may know it as ‘The One with Jennifer Love Hewitt’ — and guys, she may be back.

With all the Boy Meets World stars making cameos on Disney’s hit show, Girl Meets had to know if “Feffy,” the one-episode character played by Jennifer Love Hewitt could possibly return. Well, now that her run on Criminal Minds has come to an end, Ben Savage told us he’s actually asked her. Watch the interview here!

‘Girl Meets World’: Jennifer Love Hewitt Returning As ‘Feffy’? — Ben Savage Hopes So

“She should come back!” Ben told us while in our offices to promote season two of Boy Meets World. “I worked on Criminal Minds and I said, ‘I want you to come back,’ so hopefully we’ll see her too, eventually.”

Now this interview took place on May 7 — the morning after it was announced that JLove would not be returning as Kate on Criminal Minds. So, now that it’s out there, maybe she will reprise her role as Jennifer Love Feffernan, aka FEFFY.

“I love that episode,” Rowan Blanchard added, even though she wasn’t even alive when that episode aired in 1998! (She was born in ’01!)

Season 2 To Bring Back ‘BMW’ Favorites

Well regardless if JLove comes on the show, season two will defintely be fulled with familiar faces: Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr. Turner, Trina McGee is back as Angela, Shawn’s ex, and Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Shawn’s late father.

“[Chet] appears in Girl Meets Hurricane (episode 9), and Shawn is having to deal with a situation where he has to have a more positive outlook, and he kind of goes to Chet for help with that so it’s almost a vision,” Rowan says, adding that Angela appears in that same episode!

We cannot wait for season two! Tune into the season two premiere of Girl Meets World on Monday, May 11 on Disney Channel at 8:30pm!

— Emily Longeretta