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Kim Kardashian Attacked At ‘Selfish’ Book Signing For Wearing Fur — Watch

Wed, May 6, 2015 10:56am EDT by 14 Comments

Protesters took over Kim K’s book signing because she loves to wear fur. What’s a girl with a selfie book to promote and a closet full of fuzzy coats to do?!

How crazy is this? Kim Kardashian, 34, was promoting her new book, Selfish, at a Barnes and Noble in New York City on May 5, when angry protestors moved into the event to announce something important: Kim’s fashion choices are absolutely unacceptable!

Kim Kardashian Protested For Wearing Fur During Book Signing

Kim’s signing for her highly anticipated selfie book was going smoothly, but a group of angry individuals had other plans for the day. They stormed into the bookstore pretending to be fans eager to grab a copy of the book, but once they reached Kim’s table they unleashed their fury on the unsuspecting starlet.

In a video that one of the protestors shot of their ambush, their ire for Kim is evident, and they’re not holding back their fury at all.

“I just want to say you’re the most disgusting human being on the planet,” one man said. “Shame on you for supporting the fur industry. Shame on you for putting your daughter in fur.”

Geez. Say it behind her back when you get home like a normal person, dude.

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Another protestor got sneaky with their tactics, waiting to get up to the table with their copy of Selfish in hand to get signed before attacking.

“Can you make it out to all the animals who have been tortured,” they quipped.

Nice one, bro!

Kim kept her composure throughout the whole ordeal, keeping a coy smile and not even acknowledging their presence as they hollered and shouted at her. She is a professional, after all.

Kim’s Love For Fur

It is understandable why the protesters targeted Kim. Her passion for wearing fur — and draping her daughter, 21 month-old North West in the material — is not a secret. Some people believe that wearing animal fur is cruel, due to the process of obtaining the product. And the Kardashian-West family’s insistence on flaunting it so frequently in their fashion game rubs them the wrong way.

From overcoats and dusters to Viking woman bikinis, Kim’s worn it all. Kim’s a grown woman; she’s allowed to wear what she wants. But if she rethinks wearing fur, it might keep the protesters away from her events.

HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think about Kim’s decision to wear fur?

— Samantha Wilson