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‘Scream Queens’ New Teaser: A Text Conversation Turns Deadly — Watch

Tue, May 5, 2015 11:50am EDT by Add first Comment

Who’s ready for ‘Scream Queens?’ We definitely are, and this brand new teaser gets us all the more excited– uh, and terrified.

When Scream Queens premieres on Fox this fall, audiences should apparently expect blood. A lot of blood. In a just released teaser, we get another taste for the new show, though judging by its carnage, “taste” might be an inappropriate word choice. Check out the sneak peek now but, warning, it’s not for the squeamish!

‘Scream Queens’ New Teaser

hasn’t this girl ever seen a horror movie?

Evidently not, because if she had, she’d know better than to walk home by herself while staring at her phone! In this Scream Queens teaser, we see only the text conversation of a girl, a Kappa sorority girl to be exact, exchanging messages with one of her sisters.

The conversation starts out light, with the young woman explaining that she had been at a “killer” keg (a not at all obvious pun, right?). The exchange quickly turns creepy, though, as the texter writes, “Some weird jerk in a devil mask following me #Fratcreeper.”

The girl on the other end assures her it’s probably just one of their dumb friends being, well, dumb. However, it becomes clear that is certainly not the case.

Texting Turns Deadly

Suddenly, the conversation is somehow intercepted by said creeper, and a text comes through written in red that says, “You wanna dance with the devil?”

The sorority gal finally realizes what’s up and scolds the interfering devil as she attempts to run home to the safety of her sisters. It seems that she never makes it there though, because she lets out a piercing scream. Blood spatters onto the screen of her phone, before it falls to the ground, covered in the dark red liquid.

What do you think of the new creepy teaser? Are You excited for Scream Queens?

— Casey Mink