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Kylie Jenner Tells Tyga To Man Up & Stop Making Excuses For Blac Chyna Texts

Fri, May 1, 2015 11:55pm EDT by Eric Ray 6 Comments

Tyga and Kylie have finally spoken since splitting, but they didn’t have a nice conversation. Kylie’s not buying Tyga’s excuses for his texts with Blac Chyna, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned what the ‘KUWTK’ star said to him.

Kylie Jenner isn’t buying what Tyga‘s selling. In an intense Skype conversation, Kylie, 17, chewed out Tyga, 25, and told him that she doesn’t believe the texts between he and Blac Chyna are innocent. In fact, she demanded that he quit lying about it and man up, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Find out what else she said!

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Fighting Again: She Rejects His Excuses For Blac Chyna Texts

That Kylie’s one fast learner. Sources directly connected to the teen told EXCLUSIVELY that she took her father Bruce Jenner‘s advice and allowed Tyga to explain himself. But in the end, she wasn’t satisfied with his answers.

“Tyga told her ‘I’m sorry for not being up front with you about Blac,'” the source revealed. “‘I have to say nice s*** to her and keep her happy and smiling for my son’s sake. When I’m nice to her, she doesn’t make things difficult for me and doesn’t try to hit me up for money. I was just keeping things peaceful for everybody.'”

Tyga told Kylie that he’s not romantically interested in Blac Chyna. However, that went in one of Kylie’s ears and out the other.

“Kylie didn’t buy it,” the source added. “She told Tyga, ‘You could have been nice to her without making it seem like you wanted to sleep with her. And why don’t you be a man and stop making excuses! Grow a pair. I thought you were over the ratchet ones. If you still like her, just tell me — I can take it.'”

Tyga Gets Mad At Kylie Jenner: Disconnects Skype Connection

Tyga’s not used to the new and improved Kylie and couldn’t handle her checkmating him.

“Tyga was extremely offended Kylie kept pulling his card,” the source explained. We’re told Tyga didn’t want to hear another word.

“He told her, ‘This conversation is over. You’re not thinking rationally,’ and disconnected their conversation.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kylie should end things permanently with Tyga?

— Eric Ray