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Nepal Earthquake Miracle: Baby Boy Pulled From Rubble Alive After 22 Hours

Thu, April 30, 2015 10:12am EDT by Add first Comment
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With all of the devastation taking place in Nepal, due to a 7.8-magnitude quake, stories of miraculous rescues are starting to appear. One in particular was about an infant who was rescued after being trapped under rubble for 22 hours. So amazing!

Sonit Awal, 5 months, was fast asleep upstairs in the family home on April 25 when the large scale earthquake struck, sending massive tremors through Nepal. The child’s house collapsed, burying him amongst the rubble.

Nepal Earthquake: Baby Boy Safely Rescued After 22 Hours

This photo of a baby boy being pulled from the rubble of the Nepal earthquake has become a viral sensational. It has also become the defining image of a large scale disaster that has occurred throughout the country.

Sonit was sleeping in his home in the town of Bhaktapur, which is east of the capital Kathmandu in Nepal, when the quake struck — according to the Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Today

The tremors were so intense Sonit’s house collapsed, burying him under the rubble. Thankfully, he was saved from immediate death due to a cupboard that fell and shielded him, according to the Daily Mail.

The boy’s father Shyam Awal, sprung to action and frantically tried searching for him. He then called the Nepalese Army, and they too scrambled through the dirt and debris until midnight, before giving up hope and leaving, according to Kathmandu Today.

Just as the father seemed to lose all hope of finding Sonit, he heard faint cries from below, which led the rescue team to search the entire area again.

It was then, after 22 hours, the boy was found. The image of the dust-covered Sonit being pulled to safety by rescuers is heartbreaking, yet provides hope during a horrible time.

The child was then taken to the hospital and by some miracle, Sonit didn’t suffer from any injuries other than just a scratch on his face. Truly amazing!

Our thoughts are with those effected by the Nepal earthquake.

— Brittany King