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‘Mean Girls’: The Hardest Quote Quiz On The Internet

Thu, April 30, 2015 4:19pm EDT by Add first Comment

Okay, so you love ‘Mean Girls’. Newsflash — everyone loves ‘Mean Girls.’ The question is, how well do you know ‘Mean Girls’? We’re about to find out!

If you were asked who coined the phrase ‘SO FETCH’, you could probably answer faster than the Toaster Strudel heiress herself. But we’re here to find the biggest Mean Girls fan on the Internet. The one who knows the flick inside and out. The one who could quote every fabulous Plastics moment and every fierce character. If you think you’re that person, then take our quiz! But be warned — it won’t be easy!

‘Mean Girls’ Quotes Quiz — How Well Do You Know The Movie?

Hey, happy Mean Girls day, everyone! You may not believe it, but 11 years ago today, the Tina Fey film released in theaters — and to this day, it remains one of the most quotable films of all time! It’s why you don’t see more heads turn when a girl turns to her friend and says, ‘Boo, you whore!”  It’s also why it’s still perfectly acceptable to wear pink on Wednesdays — it’s the cardinal rule of being a Plastic!

Yes, 11 years later, and Mean Girls remains the most important film that Lindsay Lohan has ever done. (Sorry, Herbie!) It helped put Rachel McAdams on the map. And it taught us all, in one way or another, that the limit … does not exist.

So here’s your chance to prove that you are, in fact, so fetch — and that you know Mean Girls better than anyone else you know! Take our quiz, which we dare say is the hardest quotes quiz around. Yeah, that’s right … we went there! Take it and see if you agree!

Hollywoodlifers — Ready? Set? GO, GLENN COCO!

— Dina Sartore-Bodo