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Kylie Jenner: Do Not Take Tyga Back After Blac Chyna Drama

Wed, April 29, 2015 7:23pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 12 Comments

Kylie — you were right to instantly split from Tyga when you saw his texts to Blac Chyna which she gleefully made public. The last thing you need is a two-timing man.

Kylie Jenner, you’re just 17, and you don’t need to be tied down to a man — Tyga — who may have been hooking up with his ex — Blac Chyna — all the time that you’ve been in a relationship.

Tyga & Kylie Jenner Split: She Shouldn’t Take Him Back

No woman needs a disloyal man in her life. All that means is heartbreak. You were absolutely right to take Tyga to task when you saw the texts that Blac Chyna revealed on April 23, which documented their very friendly relationship.

Tyga is in Europe on tour but a source close to you tells exclusively that “Kylie put her big girl shoes on and…demanded he put his phone to the [Skype] screen and let her see his phone so she could decide for herself what’s really going on between him and Blac Chyna”.

You were livid when he wouldn’t do it, according to the insider, who added that you called him out as a liar, and then you put him on a relationship “break”.

Kylie, that’s exactly what you should have done. You’ve been badly hurt by  evidence that Tyga may have been cheating on you.

The texts that Blac Chyna posted, supposedly from Tyga, show him telling her “I want to be with u” and”I want to be a family again”, as well as asking if he can come over.

Kylie Jenner Dumps Tyga Because Blac Chyna Published Texts

Kylie, again: You’re just 17, and honestly, you have to ask yourself if it really made sense at all to be involved with a guy who at 25, was 8 years older. Plus, he’s a dad with a two-year-old son, and an ex who is clearly not ready to let go. This was bound to turn into a messy situation.

It has already turned into a mortifying one — Blac Chyna took to Instagram on April 21 to mock your full lip look with a pair of big red fake wax lips.

“Kylie was shocked and devastated that Blac Chyna would stoop so incredibly low and taunt her like that. She was hurt and felt it was totally uncalled for and unnecessary,” another insider told

Of course you were hurt. What woman wouldn’t be?! Blac Chyna, 26, was publicly bullying you.

Now, we’re hearing from sources that Blac Chyna has been on a mission to break you and Tyga up. “Breaking up Tyga and Kylie is exactly what Blac Chyna was going for — that’s been her plan all along…she sees Kylie as the only thing standing in the way of her happy family,” says a source.

Kylie Jenner: Let Blac Chyna Have Tyga

Well, Kylie, you should let Blac have Tyga. Why she would want to take back a two-timer, I don’t know.But that can be her problem and not yours.

You don’t need man drama in your life. And you certainly don’t need to play second fiddle to another woman in any relationship. So don’t back down on your decision to dump Tyga. No new Kylie tattoo on his arm can make up for months of cheating, if that’s what happened.

You need to focus on what’s best for you right now. And it’s best to protect your heart and your self-esteem.

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers? Was Kylie right to dump Tyga? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller