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Justin Bieber Confusing Selena Gomez: Inviting Her To Mayweather Fight?

Tue, April 28, 2015 10:01pm EDT by 33 Comments

Trying to keep up with Jelena seriously makes our heads spin! While the former couple have kept in touch since splitting, they’ve never been able to completely move forward from their past. Lately, JB has been playing mind games with Selena and it’s driving her nuts!

Although Justin Bieber, 21, and Selena Gomez, 22, have both been single for a while now, it seems like they still have a slight thing for each other. While Justin makes an effort to talk to Selena, his attempts are so sporadic that it’s starting to mess with Selena’s confidence. One day, it seems like he wants to make it work again, and the next, he’s ignoring her and flirting with other girls on social media. Sel can’t take it anymore — and we don’t blame her. has all the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Relationship — He’s Confusing Her With Mind Games

The worst part of breaking up? Having leftover feelings for your ex. Our girl, Selena can relate!

“Selena is frustrated. She’s upset and confused with Justin’s mixed messages. One day he’s text flirting with her, the next day he’s no where to be found or heard from,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Still, Miss Gomez is allowing the Biebs to leave her hanging. The pair (kind of?) have plans for this weekend in Las Vegas — that is, if Justin ever texts Selena back!

“[Selena] said [Justin] mentioned the fight in Vegas this weekend between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, and then she heard nothing from him,” the insider adds.

Ugh, so annoying. Even more agitating for the “I Want You To Know” singer? Justin’s talked about inviting her frenemies Kendall Jenner, 19, and Hailey Baldwin, 18, to the fight, too.

“Selena would have gone with Justin, but not with him, Kendall and Hailey,” the source explains. “There’s no way on earth that would ever happen.”

Selena Gomez Lonely Without Justin Bieber Or Zedd In Her Life

Justin’s failure to be consistent in his communication with Selena is doing absolutely nothing for her self esteem, either. The singer is super bummed at the moment — and it’s because she’s lonely without a boyfriend.

“Selena has very little interaction with Zedd anymore. It’s as if a huge part of her life has just disappeared. She leaned on him emotionally and talked to him every single day for months, even when they were apart. Now, they barely talk or text and that makes her pretty sad. They are still friendly, but Zedd is just busy with his life and career,” a source says of the Texas-native. “Selena has talked and texted with Justin but it’s clear it’s not going anywhere.”

Keep your head held high, Selena. Things will get better!

HollywoodLifers — what do YOU think of the mixed messages Justin is sending to Selena?

— Evan Real, Reporting By Sandra Clark