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Tinder Hookups: The 10 Best — And Worst — Things To Say While Swiping

Mon, April 27, 2015 5:29pm EDT by 2 Comments
Tinder Hookup Tips
Image Courtesy of Tinder

So you’ve joined Tinder, and now there’s a slew of sexy singles for you to start chatting up. Yay! But, before you start swiping left or right, here’s a guide to the best and worst things to say.

Popular dating app Tinder is a great way to meet dateable men and women, but navigating what you should and shouldn’t say can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered! These are the 10 best and worst opening lines that you should — or shouldn’t — be using.

Tinder Hookup Tips: Best & Worst Things To Say While Swiping

The key on Tinder is to start off with a good first impression. Once you’re both comfortable with each other, then you can take the conversation offline by meeting up for a date in person. So how to get to that stage? Try these tricks.

10. Don’t Say: “My address is….” Even if the conversation is flowing, NEVER give out personal information to anybody online that you haven’t met and vetted in person.

9. Do Say: “I see you like Drake. What did you think of his new album?” Pop-culture topics are an easy, neutral way to start getting to know somebody. If you that see your intended mentioned a favorite artist or TV show on his or her profile, bring it up as a way to start talking.

8. Don’t Say: “Oh, I meant to swipe left.” Even if you’re not feeling somebody, don’t be rude!

7. Do Say (If You’re Not Into the Person): “Sorry, I’m not interested.” Unlike the rude response above, if you decide you’re not into the person you’ve been talking to, give the person a clear, honest, answer that isn’t mean-spirited.

6. Don’t Say: “You’re so hot.” Never start off being too sexual or commenting on somebody’s appearance. It’s just creepy and likely to be a turn off.

5. Do Say: “Hey, your travel pics are so cool! What’s been your favorite trip so far?” A short and simple comment on something in the person’s profile that interests you is a way to show you are interested in getting to know more about him or her.

4. Don’t Say: “Hi.” Snooze! At the very least, ask “Hey, how’s it going” If you ask a question, it prompts them to give a response.

3. Do Say: “How are you?” Keep it casual. Anything that reads as too desperate or over-the-top might send the other person running. Treat each conversation like how you’d interact with your friends: friendly and positive, but relaxed.

2. Don’t Say: “I have a poem I wrote for you.” It’s hard to hold someone’s attention with a lengthy or long-winded intro. Keep it short and sweet.

1. Do Say: “Let’s meet for coffee.” After you’ve been talking for a while and feel comfortable with him or her, suggest a date or quick meet-up to see if the chemistry is there in person. And, of course, be safe and always make sure a friend, roommate, or family member knows where and when you’re going.

— Susan Johnson