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‘Revenge’ Recap: Amanda’s Arrested For The Murder Of Victoria Grayson

Sun, April 26, 2015 11:46pm EDT by Chris Rogers Add first Comment

‘That bitch set me up!’ Amanda screamed as she was arrested and shoved in the back of a police car on the April 26 episode of ‘Revenge.’ Is Victoria ALIVE? Apparently, she ‘staged a fake murder, set [Amanda] up, and took off.’

Perhaps “the bitch,” as Nolan (Gabriel Mann) calls Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) on the April 26 episode of Revenge, isn’t so dead. Either way, Mrs. Grayson made sure that her “death” looked like a murder, so that Amanda (Emily VanCamp) would be framed for it and sent to prison for the rest of her life. And the only person who can attest to Amanda’s alibi — Mason Treadwell — actually helped Victoria pull the whole thing off.

‘Revenge’: Amanda Clarke Arrested For Victoria Grayson’s Murder

OK, so if Victoria is alive, she’s running around without her teeth because Ben (Brian Hallisay) told Amanda that the only way they could identify the body, which was burned to a crisp during the explosion in Grayson Manor, was by the teeth left behind.

Anyway, the police originally believe it’s a suicide, but once Louise and Margaux discover a forced entry and blood smeared on the doorframe leading into Victoria’s penthouse, they start investigating the situation as a homocide.

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Everyone’s pulled in for questioning — including Jack (Nick Wechsler), who had to fly back from Los Angeles and get interrogated by Ben. It’s during this discussion that Ben tells Jack he and Amanda broke up and she tried stopping him from leaving.

David (James Tupper) has an alibi — he was getting his first chemotherapy treatment, which Amanda then found out about. Unfortunately, Amanda’s alibi can only be proven by Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart), but Ben thinks she’s crazy because he’s supposedly dead. When Amanda tries getting in touch with Mason on speakerphone, his number is disconnected. She then promises Ben that she’ll get a hold of him.

‘Revenge’: Victoria Grayson Dead? Why She Can’t Be Gone For Good

But when she does actually get in touch with Mason, he tells her that she won’t ever see him again and he has no plans of helping her out. He also tells her that after she publicly revealed her true identity, he reached out to Victoria, and that’s when they came up with the plan to frame Amanda for the murder of Victoria. He then sends Amanda a video Victoria recorded before she “died,” in which she explains how she set her “death” up to look like a murder — a murder Amanda’s responsible for. As the video disappears and automatically deletes from Amanda’s phone, the police arrive at Amanda’s house and arrest her for the murder of Victoria Grayson. Apparently, when Amanda and Mason met up earlier in the day, he planted Victoria’s hair and blood in the car without her knowledge. As she’s escorted from her house in handcuffs, she cross paths with Jack, who was obviously coming over to talk about what he learned from Ben. Sadly, the only words that were exchanged were from Emily. “That bitch set me up!” she screamed as she was shoved in the back of the police car.

Is Victoria Grayson Alive?

So why do we think Victoria is alive? We know her teeth were found in the rubble, and she left a suicide note for Margaux (which if she wanted to stage a murder, she shouldn’t have done), but in the preview for next week’s episode, Amanda is heard saying [Victoria] “staged a fake murder, set me up, and took off.” Does she mean “took off” as in ran away? At this point, we’re not so sure.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Victoria Grayson alive? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers