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‘Scandal’ Recap: Is Jake Ballard Really Dead?

Thu, April 23, 2015 10:37pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

After last week’s shocking episode, we all wondered whether there was any hope for Jake. Well, the April 23 episode of ‘Scandal’ gave us that answer. Prepare yourselves, Gladiators.

With only two episodes left until the season four finale, Scandal is building up the drama to a dangerous level. On the April 23 episode, we truly learned Jake’s (Scott Foley) fate after that brutal stabbing, Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) campaign for senate began and Olivia (Kerry Washington) made a shocking decision about her father and B613.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Bloody Hell

Quinn went into OPA just like any normal day but found Jake’s bloody body on the table! She pulled out her gun because, duh. She accidentally fired when Huck crept in. Needless to say, Quinn and Huck were f r e a k i n g out. However, Jake was still warm — was there still hope? YES! Huck hit Jake hard and he woke up!


Olivia and David showed up soon after Huck and Quinn. David wanted to call 911, obviously. Nope. That was not on Olivia’s agenda. They needed to call Charlie — he knew a guy. Huck took a quick trip to check on Javi and Kim because Papa Pope would more than likely go after them, too.

After taking his sweet damn time, Charlie’s doc finally showed up. Jake was holding on by a thread. Poor guy. Get him some meds. The doc didn’t want money. He wanted a favor. There was this retired KGB gal that needed help. Olivia and Huck headed straight for her. She was basically Keri Russell from The Americans 25 years later. She was now a grandmother and had been out of the business for 27 years. She recently got a new job, and you couldn’t just ignore a job from the KGB. The lady wanted to be released from duty, and Olivia vowed to help her.

‘Scandal’ Recap: There’s Something About Mellie

Mellie’s campaign for senator was underway, and Elizabeth was right by her side. There was one major problem, though. SALLY FREAKING LANGSTON. She was gloriously bashing Mellie on her TV show. Kate Burton can literally chew up a scene. She is so good.

Mellie basically wanted to beat Sally down at this point. Now the press was saying that Mellie being married to Fitz and running for senator conflicted each other. Abby said what everyone was thinking: Mellie was too close to the president. Mellie needed to distance herself from Fitz and show that she was independent.

I can see where this is going. It starts with a D and ends with an E.

Abby double-checked with David to see if it was even legal for Mellie to run for senate while married to the president. There weren’t any legal issues, but the ethical implications were pretty bad. So, yeah, it was safe to say that Mellie wasn’t doing too good at the polls. Abby thought it would be a good idea for someone to go on Sally’s show. She nominated the best guy for the job — Cyrus! At first, Cyrus was a little stubborn, but he got onboard after a stern talking to from Fitz.

Cyrus went on Sally’s show, and it was a reunion of epic proportions. (Ellis and Thatcher!) Cyrus slayed her, but Sally wasn’t going to go down without a fight. She went for the jugular. She brought up the fact that Cyrus would make a better senate candidate than Mellie. Oh, boy. “Your eyes are telling us that you think it should be you,” Sally boldly said. Even though Cyrus likely agreed, he backed Mellie up.

‘Scandal’ Recap: The Beginning Of The End

Russell went to Papa Pope to tell him Jake had been eliminated. Russell should have made sure. Papa Pope knew Jake couldn’t be dead because he’d never received an angry call from Olivia. She’d gone under the radar. Papa Pope told Russell to finish what he started or else. That didn’t happen, so Papa Pope shot him, naturally. Olivia and Huck found him at the hospital and drugged him.

Despite Cyrus’ valiant attempt, Mellie was still down in the polls. This conflict of interest was killing her. Elizabeth offered up the idea to leak that their marriage was over. (Yes, please!) Mellie did not want to go there. Mellie and Fitz were a team. I think Mellie’s mostly scared because she feels like she won’t be able to do it on her own. She’s wrong.

After weeks of silence, Fitz called Olivia. She was being a total ice queen. He started talking about Mellie, and that upset Olivia. Fitz was clearly only concerned about Olivia. He was trying to be a better man now. When it looked like Olivia was going to completely ignore him, she gave Fitz some advice about Mellie.

It pains me that these two haven’t shared an emotional scene in weeks. I need some Olitz action and not this Russell/Alex rubbish.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Operation Foxtail

Jake made it through surgery, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. When he looked over and saw Russell, he lost it. Russell nearly offed him, again. Thankfully, Jake ripping his stitches open saved his life. Later, Olivia sat next to Jake and apologized for his current state. She wished they had never left the island. Russell was listening to the whole thing. Jake started to wake up again and started freaking out about Russell. Poor guy can’t even get a word out!

Even though Jake had survived, the former KGB agent-turned-grandmother didn’t. Papa Pope had gotten to her and her grandkids after Olivia’s latest failed attempt to take him down. Olivia left in a hurry and heard a phone ringing from her trunk. It was the guy she’d given Papa Pope’s burner phone to. She answered. “Against me, you will never win,” Rowan said.

Yep, Olivia was done with taking down her dad. She told the rest of the gang it was over. If anyone tried to make a move against Rowan, they’d all be dead. She’d rather they all stay alive.

Olivia brought Russell home, but he made a quick call to Rowan. He wondered if he should finish off Jake. Eh, Rowan had other plans. They were in the new phase of his plan — FOXTAIL. I have a feeling this isn’t a good thing. After a hard day’s work, Olivia was ready for some sexy time with Russell. Gross. She had Russell going for a minute until she pulled a gun on him!

Olivia — being a total boss — had realized Russell had stabbed Jake and was until B613’s control. He was going to tell her all about Foxtail or he was going to bite the bullet. Crossing my fingers he bites the bullet regardless of what he tells Olivia.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Are you glad Jake’s alive? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson