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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Derek Shepherd’s Top 10 Show Defining Moments

Thu, April 23, 2015 11:40pm EDT by Add first Comment

Farewell, McDreamy! Because our hearts are still breaking over Patrick Dempsey’s departure from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Dr. Derek Shepherd, we’re doing our best to memorialize the decade we spent watching him week after week, working his magic at Seattle’s Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Although it’s long been rumored that Patrick Dempsey, 49, would be exiting Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the show’s 11th season, we never actually wanted to believe it. Well, tonight we were hit with the truth when Derek passed away in a tragic car accident. To honor Dr. Shepherd’s death, we’ve put together our top 10 favorite McDreamy moments from seasons past up until now. Grab a box of Kleenex — because we’re going to take a walk down memory lane!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Derek’s Top Moments — McDreamy Highlights Over The Years

1. When ‘MerDer’ Was Born (Season 1)

We will never forget the moment we were rocked by Derek’s immediate chemistry with Meredith Grey in their very first scene together. Derek charmed Meredith — and audiences — right away. The moment she fell in love with him, we did too.

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2. Derek & Meredith Get It On During ‘Prom’ (Season 2)

When the hospital threw a “prom” for its employees, Derek and Meredith couldn’t help but celebrate the best way they knew how: by having secret sex in an exam room, of course! In this too-hot-to-handle scene, Derek earned his spot as Grey-Sloan’s leading man. From the insatiable look in his eyes to his passionate kisses for Meredith, Derek made this one of the steamiest scenes in the history of the show. You almost forgot McDreamy was married when he first made love to Meredith. Whatever, it only made him hotter.

3. Derek Yells At Meredith’s Mom, Ellis (Season 3)

After Meredith almost died due to a ferry accident, Derek’s reaction to the news kept our eyes glued to the screen. In a gut-wrenching moment, Derek has a major meltdown and takes it out on Meredith’s mom, Ellis. Patrick’s delivery of utter anger towards Ellis was riveting. We were reminded how much Derek loved Meredith, as he pondered the harrowing thought that she might have intentionally thrown herself in the water. This intense scene will forever be burned in the back of our minds.

4. McDreamy & McSteamy’s Epic Fist Fight (Season 5)

While McDreamy had always been BFF with Mark “McSteamy” Sloan, these best buds got into one serious altercation that we’ll never be able to un-remember. The showdown apparently began because McSteamy slept with Meredith’s sister. But why was Derek so mad? We think it was more than Mark’s mishap that fueled the fight. It seemed that McDreamy took out his anger on Mark after he was unsuccessful at saving a patient’s life.

5. Derek Proposes In An Elevator (Season 5)

In one of the series’ most adorable scenes, Dr. Shepherd melted our hearts when he finally decided he was ready to pop the question to Meredith and ask her to marry him. Think your proposal was special? Well, Derek got down on one knee in an elevator that was covered in CT scans of the couple’s most significant surgeries. Whether they were challenging or successful, their work at the hospital always brought MerDer closer together. With all the reminders of how far they’d grown together, how could she say no?

6. The Post-It Wedding (Season 5)

Season 5 sure had a lot of gems! Among the best was the highly memorable Post-It wedding that Derek and Meredith had. With so much drama going on at the hospital, Derek and Meredith could never figure out a good time to finally tie the knot. So instead of having a grand ceremony, the doctors decided to officiate their future together in their own special way. On the 5th season finale, McDreamy and his fiancee became husband and wife by writing vows to one another on Post-It notes. So. Romantic.

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7. Derek Tempts The Chief With Alcohol (Season 6)

Derek was a bit of a bad boy — and sometimes he wasn’t very nice. Although it sucked to see him play into his mean side at times, it did make for good television. Remember the time McDreamy’s moral compass broke and he thought it was a good idea to tempt the hospital’s recovering alcoholic chief of surgery with…alcohol?! Yeah, we do too. In Derek’s defense, he had good intentions. He was just trying to prove that the head surgeon had relapsed and wasn’t fit to operate. Obvi, we ended up forgiving him.

8.  Derek Is Hit By A Gunman (Season 6)

When an angry gunman raided the hospital while grieving the death of his wife, he showed no mercy when shooting down doctors one by one. When the shooter approached Derek, the MD uttered words that will always stick with us. “I’m a human being. I make mistakes. I’m flawed. We all are,” he said. Still, he was shot. Watching Derek attempt to find forgiveness from his attacker was devastating. While he left with wounds from a gun shot, Derek also stepped away from the scene with a sense of dignity and grace.

9.  Derek Becomes A Dad (Season 7)

What a sweet moment! When a young African girl named Zola was brought to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital for a lifesaving surgery, Derek immediately felt a connection. In one of the most heartwarming moments of the series, the doctor decided he must adopt this child. As soon as we saw how happy Zola made McDreamy, it was pretty clear that this was the missing piece in MerDer’s marriage. And just like that, Dr. Derek became a dad.

10.  Derek Dies In A Dangerous Car Accident (Season 11)

While it pains us to include this scene among Derek’s best, we have to give it up to Patrick for giving his all to the character up until the very end. After receiving improper treatment at a hospital (that wasn’t Grey-Sloan Memorial), Derek left an emergency surgery brain dead. Even worse? Meredith had to choose whether or not to keep him alive on life-support. She made her choice, and Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd will be forever missed.

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— Evan Real