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Big Sean & Ariana Grande: He’s Blaming Justin Bieber’s On Stage PDA For Split

Thu, April 23, 2015 2:17pm EDT by 20 Comments

What a shame! Big Sean’s jealousy issues got the best of him and ultimately lead to his breakup with Ariana. The moment he saw Justin grab his girl sexually on stage, Big Sean was SO done!

There were a few incidents that bothered Big Sean, 26, in his relationship with Ariana Grande, 21, however, the straw that broke the camels back was Justin Bieber‘s PDA moves on stage with Ariana at their April 8 concert — and he thinks it was all Ariana’s idea!

Big Sean’s Reason For Ariana Grande Breakup — Justin Bieber Stage PDA

Yes, you read that right! Big Sean thinks it was Ariana’s idea to be all touchy with JB on stage, an insider shared with TMZ!

During Justin’s surprise appearance at Ariana’s LA concert, he called her over to stand in front of him at one point. He then seductively wrapped his arms around her waist but she did NOT seem too happy about it! You can watch the whole thing for yourselves HERE!

You could see her pushing his hands away from her body the entire performance, but Big Sean still thinks the whole thing was “calculated” by Ariana, the insider shared.

If Big Sean thinks it was Ariana’s idea to show off PDA on stage with JB, we can understand the reason for the breakup, however, it did NOT look like Ariana had those intentions at all.

Big Sean Thought Ariana Was Selfish?

Another thing that really ticked Big Sean off was when Ariana didn’t show up to his huge House Of Blues concert on Feb. 7. EVERYBODY showed up to support him, except for Ariana!

When we say everybody showed up, we mean it! Kanye West, 37, Justin Bieber, 21, Jennifer Lopez, 45, Chris Brown, 25, Jay Z, 45, A$AP Rocky, 26, Tyga, 25, Kylie Jenner, 17, andKendall Jenner, 19, were all there!

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Why didn’t Ariana show up? She needed to “get ready” for the Grammys the next day, an insider explained to TMZ and Big Sean thought her decision was extremely selfish.

HollywoodLifers, do you think it was Ariana’s idea to show off PDA on stage with Justin or do you think that’s all in Big Sean’s head? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Shira Benozilio