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Amy Schumer Tackles Rape Culture In ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spoof — Watch

Thu, April 23, 2015 8:06am EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

Amy Schumer is brilliant. The comedian took aim at rape culture by spoofing ‘Friday Night Lights’ on the April 22 premiere of ‘Inside Amy Schumer.’ Click to WATCH!

Now this is how you make a statement. Amy Schumer, 33, slammed rape culture by spoofing it through the lens of the TV classic, Friday Night Lights. In the parody, Coach, played perfectly by Josh Charles, 43, enforces a “no raping” policy on his football players. The Inside Amy Schumer spoof is hilarious, but there’s also an unfortunate reality to the situation. However, Amy’s flawless take on the Tami Taylor-type will have you freaking out because of how good it is.

Amy Schumer’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spoof

We’re not in Dillon, Texas anymore, y’all. Putting a spin on Friday Night Lights, Amy gives us Football Town Nights. Coach Thompson is the new coach in town, and he’s implicating some major changes. Before the big Friday night game, Coach tells his Bronconeers that they can’t rape anyone anymore.

The reaction from the players is one of shock and disbelief. The players cannot fathom the idea of why they can’t rape anymore. Here’s a few of the responses from the players: 

“What if it’s Halloween and she’s dressed as a sexy cat?”

“What if she thinks it’s rape and I don’t?”

“What if my mom is the D.A. and won’t prosecute?”

This spot-on spoof highlights the growing problem of excusing sexual violence and rape in today’s society. While Amy’s spoof is definitely funny, it sends a strong message about rape culture. It makes you question why we continue to allow such behavior.

At the end of the parody, Coach manages to get through to his players with this piece of epic irony: “How do I get through to you guys that football isn’t about rape?! It’s about violently dominating anyone that stands between you and what you want.” Amy puts a spin on the show’s tagline with the team saying, “Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape.”

Amy and Josh’s spoof of Tami and Coach is perfection. Kyle Chandler, 49, and Connie Britton, 48, would be so proud. Gosh, Tami did love her wine, didn’t she? Josh and Amy teamed up for the “The Foodroom” last year, but this new spoof is legendary and won’t soon be forgotten.

Amy Schumer Pranks Kim & Kanye At TIME 100 Gala

Amy is QUEEN. At the TIME 100 gala on April 21, the actress fell in front of Kim Kardashian, 34, and Kanye West, 37, on the red carpet. It was pretty hilarious, but Kim and Kanye weren’t that impressed.

“They were very serious. Kim smiled a little. Kanye, did not,” an eyewitness at the gala told Us Weekly. What?! How could you NOT get a laugh out of that? Come on, Kim and Kanye, live a little!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Amy’s take on rape culture? Let us know.

— Avery Thompson