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Tina Fey & More Teach Amy Schumer About ‘The Last F–kable Day’ — Watch

Wed, April 22, 2015 4:00pm EDT by Add first Comment
image courtesy of Comedy Central

That is serious lady power! On the season premiere of ‘Inside Amy Schumer,’ the funny gal enlisted some heavy hitters to take on sexism in show business. The result is absolutely hysterical– and alarmingly truthful!

Are you listening, Hollywood? On the April 21 episode of Inside Amy Schumer, creator and star Amy Schumer decided to address the ugly issue of ageism against women in show business in a sketch called “Last F–kable Day.” To help make her point, she had a few women on hand who know a thing or two about longevity in the industry: Tina FeyJulia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette! Watch the hilarious, upsettingly accurate– and totally not suitable for work video right now!

Amy Schumer: ‘The Last F–kable Day’

This is so great, and a little bit painful.

In what was the most talked about sketch from the season premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, called “Last F–kable Day,” Amy learns the concept of, well, the very last day a women in Hollywood can be deemed “f–kable.”

We first see Amy, jogging in the woods, stumble upon a few women enjoying a breezy outdoor brunch. When they invite Amy to sit down, they explain the reason for the celebration.

“In every actress’s life, the media decides when you finally reach the point when you’re not believably f–kable anymore,” Julia says, a huge smile on her face. Amy doesn’t really get it though, and she asks how the women know.

“Nobody overtly tells you, but there are signs,” Tina says, stepping in. Watch it now!

Inside Amy Schumer
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The Telltale Signs Of The ‘Last F–kable Day’

From there, each women proceeds to list a few of the indicators that an actress’s f–kable days have come to an end. They include auditioning for Mrs. Claus, having your movies remade with younger women (like Selena Gomez!), and going to the wardrobe department on your latest movie and the only items available are long sweaters.

Of course, Amy asks how men know when their last f–kable day is, which the other women find hilarious. “Honey, men don’t have that day,” Patricia tells her, breaking the news gently, in a way too real moment of truth.

What did you guys think of the sketch? Funny and poignant or crass?

— Casey Mink