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Michael B. Jordan Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Questioning Biracial ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting

Tue, April 21, 2015 2:55pm EDT by 2 Comments

Woah! ‘Fantastic Four’ star Michael B. Jordan recently chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about the film’s biracial casting– and he had some choice words for the late night host!

That’s some serious class. Michael B. Jordan, who stars in the highly anticipated Fantastic Four, dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 20 to chat about the movie. The film, which will hit theaters on Aug. 7, defied some tradition in its biracial casting– but you may not want to ask Michael about that! In fact, we bet host Jimmy Kimmel is regretting doing just that, as Michael definitely put him in his place after doing so! Check out the awkward interview!

Michael B. Jordan Disses Jimmy Kimmel

This may qualify as a palm to face moment for Mr. Jimmy Kimmel.

While discussing Fantastic Four, Jimmy asked star Michael B. Jordan about playing the brother to his costar Kate Mara (who is white). At this, Michael got just the slightest bit exasperated, but overall gave a very thoughtful response.

“Kate Mara, I don’t know if you know this, is a white person,” Jimmy said.

“I do know that,” Michael said. “I’m pretty sure there’s white people here with other ethnicities, brothers and sisters. It doesn’t mean biological. It’s the world that we live in… It’s one of the things I don’t like drawing attention to.”

Well said, Michael!

Michael B. Jordan Is A Secret Keeper

Luckily for Jimmy, Michael seemed to brush past the awkwardness for the rest of the interview. On a different note, Jimmy asked if the Fantastic Four powers that be made him sign his life away in the name of Marvel secrecy.

“Yeah, Fox is pretty top secretive and Marvel when it comes to their projects. [When I’m] in costume, and I ever have to leave set or go to the trailer I have to throw this big, huge, black cloak on.”

Top secret indeed!

Do you think Jimmy crossed the line asking questions about Fantastic Four‘s casting?

— Casey Mink