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Beyonce Rocks Exclusive Gold Apple Watch, Worth $35,000+, At Coachella

Tue, April 21, 2015 11:07am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment
beyonce gold apple watch
Courtesy of Beyonce

Queen Bey showed off a stylish take on the covetable tech accessory — an Apple Watch with a solid gold band. Not only is the luxe accessory unavailable for purchase, but if it were it would come with a very hefty price tag — one that would certainly exceed the price of the Apple Watch Edition, which retails for a whopping $17,000!

Leave it to Beyonce to show off one of the most exclusive versions of the hot tech accessory — in fact, it is so exclusive her version of the Apple Watch isn’t even available for purchase! We’re guessing the reason why is probably the astronomical price tag!

Beyonce’s Gold Apple Watch — Price For Exclusive Accessory:

So, how much would Queen Bey’s watch retail for? Let’s take into account the fact that the Apple Watch Edition, crafted from 18-karat gold, is the priciest of the Apple Watches, starting at $10,000 — and while the leather bands the retailer offers up feature gold clasps, solid gold bands are no where to be found. Considering the most expensive version is priced at $17,000, we can only imagine how the price tag would skyrocket once you factor in the gold band.

We consulted expert celebrity jeweler, Shari Fabrikant of Robert Fabrikant Inc. in NYC, who gave us some insight on how much her exclusive accessory would cost. “Most fine 18kt gold watches will retail for at least $25,000-$40,000+. These are for fine luxury brands, such as Cartier, Chopard and Rolex.The top of the line Apple watch available to the public retails for $17,000. It is an 18kt rose gold case and buckle on strap. The watch Beyonce is sporting is completely gold, including the band. This must have been made exclusively for special clients. This version of the Apple watch must have been super expensive, probably close to $35,000. This is quite costly for a newly launched watch from a company new to the watch business,” she said.

The Celeb Set Sports The Apple Watch:

Being a celebrity influencer comes with a slew of perks, and you can add one more to the list: securing an early, and/or custom version of the Apple Watch. Along with Queen Bey, Drake, Katy Perry and Pharrell are all rocking the Apple Watch — but Bey is part of a select set who has the gold version of the tech accessory! While Beyonce’s gold version certainly turned heads, she wasn’t the first notable figure to show it off — Karl Lagerfeld actually beat her to it last week, when he flaunted his fashionable new accessory on Instagram.

So, what are the chances of you being able to splurge on the gleaming version? We’re guessing slim to none! Just think of how customers would respond if they signed on to preorder the watch and this ultra luxe, (and insanely expensive!), option was available? Our guess is that the gold version was dreamed up for a select few — but now after images of it have surfaced, we wouldn’t be surprised if members of the 1% of Apple customers splash out a large amount of cash for this extremely exclusive model.

While celebs often rock extravagant accessories, we’re having a hard time wrapping our heads around this one…and it is mainly because there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding out your phone is out of date. We only hope that Apple is willing to swap out and replace the product when they launch a new version of the accessory!

What do you think of Queen Bey’s luxe Apple Watch? Is it beyond covetable or way too over the top?

Katrina Mitzeliotis