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Celeb Travel Tips: Six Things Every Parent Needs To Know Before A Family Getaway

Mon, April 20, 2015 6:00pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
Fred Mwangaguhunga

Ever get stressed out at just the thought of traveling with your kids? Just packing and getting organized before the big trip can seem exhausting but our guest blogger, Fred, is breaking down the six tips that every parent needs to know before jetting off for a family vacay.

Traveling with kids is no easy task but Fred Mwangaguhunga, the father of triplets and editor of just took his 4-year-old triplets to Puerto Rico and had a blast! He hung out on the gorgeous white-sand beaches, dined on fresh seafood at local restaurants and took the kids to the Children’s Museum in Old San Juan—which they loved. But as you can imagine traveling with triplets requires planning, but he’s got this down to a science.

Celeb Travel Trip: The Four Things Every Parent Needs To Know Before A Family Getaway

We went from making rookie mistakes like traveling with a million carry-ons (leaving us no hands to actually hold our kids) and chasing them around the airport yelling “stop, stop!” to having amazing and yes, even peaceful vacations.

It helps that they’re getting older, for sure, but we learned a lot over the years and have transformed from stressing about our vacations to absolutely loving them.

Here’s what learned about traveling with kids:

1. Less is best. When traveling with kids, limit carry-ons to the bare necessities. Like wipes (you always need wipes!), extra clothes in case of accidents, toys to keep the kiddos entertained and snacks. Everything else you can buy on location if needed!

2. Choose a destination close to home. We try to keep our travel time to three hours and under if possible because the less time you spend in the air or at the airport, the better. It leaves more time for beach and fun, and fewer opportunities for meltdowns—from either the kids or the adults!

3. Kids Club or die. A good kids club is everything! It’s a place for the kids to go so the grown ups can have fun, too—Imagine that! A good kids club will have lots of arts and crafts, outdoorsy fun like boat rides and nature walks. And it also allows the little ones to make friends while on vacation.

4. Chose a hotel that’s caters to families.
The last thing you need on vacation is to get dirty looks from either the staff or guests while your kids are being “challenging.” What you do need in a situation like that is friendly hotel staff to come over and assist with some toys and a smile.

5. Book a hotel nanny (or two.) This is a game changer right here. The first time we used a hotel nanny was at Roundhill in Jamaica and it made all the difference in the world. The nannies kept an eye on the kids while we had some couple time at the beach. And you know what they say, “Happy parents, happy kids.” So factor childcare into your expenses, so you can have a real vacation.

6. Go with the flow. Inevitably with kids, stuff is gonna happen. Someone’s gonna throw a tantrum, get sick, lose their favorite toy, who knows? Try and enjoy the mess with the rest, because sometimes stuff you didn’t plan on can make the best memories!

So the next time you’re thinking twice about jetting away with the fam, just follow these six tips and you’ll be good to go!

By, Fred Mwangaguhunga