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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Farrah Abraham Tearfully Makes Her Big Return

Mon, April 20, 2015 11:01pm EDT by 8 Comments

In this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, it was a whole lot of drama. Gary oversteps his bounds when it comes to his relationship with Amber, and Maci thinks she will disappoint Ryan’s parents when she tells them that she’s pregnant.

On the April 20 episode of Teen Mom OGMaci Bookout tells Ryan that she’s pregnant, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra get to see their daughter Carly, and Amber Portwood flips out on Gary Shirley for not respecting the fact that he has a girlfriend who is pregnant. Oh, and Farrah Abraham is back!

‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Gary Can’t Seem To Get Over Amber

Although Gary lives with Kristina and is expecting a baby with her, he just can’t seem to keep his distance when it comes to Amber. She admits her ex keeps calling her to “check up on her” and to talk about things that aren’t related to their daughter at all. Even producer Heather doesn’t understand why he’s calling Amber excessively. Amber opens up and says that Gary is “flirting and asking if I miss his penis.” Amber feels it’s weird because he wanted a family and that’s what he has now, and yet he’s calling her. “We need to stop. Him calling me other than for boo-boo needs to stop.”

Carol, Gary’s mom stopped over to give Amber some pictures of Leah and she genuinely is so glad Amber is doing good. She asks Amber how she feels about Gary and Kristina to which Amber reveals that “Personally I need closure, especially with this baby coming soon.”

At one point during this episode Gary calls Amber to tell her that Kristina isn’t home and asks her, “What are you thinking about?” That was the last straw for Amber. She decides to call Gary out on his antics. When Kristina gets home, Amber calls Gary and asks him to come over so they can talk. Gary tries to play it off to his girlfriend that he doesn’t know what Amber wants. But Kristina sees through him and says, “It sounds like you’re leading her on.” Gary surprisingly tells Kristina, “You never know what will happen, I am being honest and truthful.” Kristina starts to cry and tells him, “Sometimes I just feel like I’m not good enough for you… Maybe you aren’t over her.” Poor Kristina.

When Gary goes over to talk with Amber at her house, she tells him that he needs to stop calling her unless it pertains to their daughter. She starts to get angry and yells, “I need to have closure, I’ve asked you for this.” It continues to escalate to the point where Amber is screaming at the top of her lungs and tells Gary to get out. Clearly she finally got her message across.

Maci Breaks The Baby News To Ryan

Maci knows that she has to tell Ryan and his parents that she’s pregnant. She decides to tell them after she takes Bentley trick-or-treating. Maci’s afraid Jen and Larry will be upset because they are like second parents to her and this new baby will have no relations to them. She’s not too concerned about what Ryan’s reaction will be.

When Ryan and his dad come to pick up Bentley, Maci tells them the news. Ryan surprisingly takes it very well and congratulates both Maci and her boyfriend. Larry is genuinely excited for Maci and even rubs her tummy.

Later Maci goes over to pick up her son from Jen and Larry and right away they probe her about her due date and marriage plans. She opens up to them and says, “I was nervous to tell you all, you’re like my second parents.” Both Jen and Larry tell her that they are more than happy for her and she’s like a daughter to them no matter what.

Catelynn & Tyler Go Visit Carly

During tonight’s episode Catelynn and Tyler finally get to go see Carly, but first they have to have a big talk with her adoptive parents, Brandon andTeresa. They are accompanied by their adoption counselor Dawn on their trip to North Carolina. When the moment comes where they get to sit down with Brandon and Teresa, it goes better than expected.

Both sets of parents got to express themselves and their issues. Although Tyler doesn’t think he’s wrong for posting a video of Carly, he understands that he was wrong. Teresa and Brandon admit they worry that Carly will grow up and forget about them and try to reconnect with Catelynn and Tyler. But they both feel it may be the opposite. Catelynn and Tyler are afraid Carly won’t want anything to do with them when she gets older.

In the end they get a heartwarming visit with Carly, but the cameras weren’t allowed to show her face. It was a sweet moment to see and in the final moments, Teresa tells Catelynn that she will love her new baby girl because it’s a piece of Carly and says, “I love her so much and I’ll hold her.”

Farrah Makes Her Big Debut

At the end of this week’s episode, Farrah finally makes her big comeback. MTV producer Heather and a camera crew roll up to Farrah’s house, but she wasn’t very happy to see them. Right away the drama gets unleashed. It only took one little sentence to set Farrah off. When Heather told her she needs to explain to the viewers why she is back. “Since you’re coming back to Teen Mom, we need some kind of scene where you’re explaining that you’re back to Teen Mom.” Farrah in turns snaps at her and says, “So I supposed I was dropped a year ago, then apparently I’m not so crazy and it’s okay I’m back on TV. I’m just over being judged, but I guess you don’t want to talk about that.”

Heather snaps back and says, “Well then you produce it, what do you want me to do.” But Farrah won’t back down and tells her, “No I don’t get paid to produce.” To which makes Heather extremely frustrated and leaves.

But it doesn’t stop there, a second producer tries to step in and talk to Farrah about her entrance to the show. He asks Farrah if she’s having an issue with her entry back on the show. Of course, the Teen Mom doesn’t hold back and says, “It’s weird I wasn’t apart of it and now I’m apart of it, the end.”

When he tries to explain that she was the missing link to the show, Farah starts to cry and says, “You guys just make me more f***ing mad,” and then stormed out of the room.

Welcome back Farrah!

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HollywoodLifers — do you think Gary has been way out of line? Are you happy that Catelynn and Tyler got to see Carly? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Brittany King