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Bobbi Kristina ‘Awake’? She’s Still On Life Support, Says Whitney’s Family

Mon, April 20, 2015 8:18pm EDT by 3 Comments

After Bobby Brown claimed that Bobbi Kristina was ‘awake,’ we were hopeful that his daughter had miraculously gotten better! Now, the Houston family has denied Bobby’s comments and released their own statement saying Bobbi’s condition has not improved.

Once again, Bobby Brown, 46, is at odds with the Houston family. The Houston family has reportedly said Bobby’s comments were wrong and that Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, is NOT ‘awake.’ With all this back and forth, we just want to know — is Bobby Kristina okay? has EXCLUSIVELY learned whether or not she’s on the road to recovery.

Bobbi Kristina’s Condition: Houston Family Denies Bobby Brown’s Statement

Sadly, sources have told that the chances of Bobbi recovering are practically nonexistent.

“Bobbi Kristina will never be Bobbi Kristina again. There is no prayer that will change that,” an inside source EXCLUSIVELY told

“It’s obviously a very sad situation that has been very, very trying for the family,” the inside source told “Until there can’t be anything done anymore, Bobbi Kristina will be in the same situation only to get worse, not better”

Meanwhile, The Houston’s claim that Bobbi is breathing without a ventilator but has “irreversible brain damage and remains unresponsive.”

“While she is no longer in a medically induced coma she has a tracheotomy and according to the doctors she has global and irreversible brain damage and remains unresponsive,” Bobbi’s grandmother, Cissy Houston said in a statement. “Meeting with the doctors and understanding that she can live in this condition for a lifetime truly saddens me. We can only trust in God for a miracle at this time.”

When Bobby Brown made his April 18 comments that his daughter was “awake,” we thought that Bobbi Kristina had somehow beaten the odds. We were even more excited to see her aunt, Tina Brown, post that Bobbi had been taken off of life support on April 19! Sadly, the Houston family refuted both these claims, saying Bobbi Kristina remains unresponsive and still in her coma, according to TMZ.

While these two families get into a case of “he said/she said,” we just wish the best for Bobbi Kristina.

Bobby Brown Issues Statement On Bobbi Kristina

To clarify on his April 18 comments, lawyers for Bobby Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, released a statement on April 20. In the statement, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC said “Bobbi Kristina’s condition has changed since moving from Emory University Hospital and there has been improvement.”

The statement added that “Doctors have indicated that she will have a long life,” but that Bobbi Kristina is “embarking on a rehabilitation process” and that “the quality of her life will not be known for years to come.”

Bobby’s wife, Alicia, said in the statement that Bobbi Kristina had “made it out of ICU,” and “opened her eyes.” She also said that Bobby Brown’s April 18 comments were made in “an emotional state.”

Bobby Brown closed the statement, saying that “We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.”

Wow. What do you think about all this, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow, Russ Weakland reporting