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Ariana Grande & Big Sean: How Trust Issues Tore Them Apart

Mon, April 20, 2015 7:50pm EDT by 15 Comments

Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s split really threw us for a loop. We never expected these love birds to call it quits, but we can understand why Ari had to let it go. In the aftermath of the split, we’re learning that the ‘Problem’ singer wasn’t completely comfortable with her ex’s lifestyle.

Who would have thought we’d ever see the end of Ariana Grande, 21, and Big Sean, 27? After eight months, the two have decided to put a stop to their romance. But how did dating the “I Don’t F– With You” rapper become unbearable for Ariana? A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the singer had doubts about Sean’s behavior when she wasn’t around.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Romance Ends: Trust Issues Tore Them Apart

The most important part of any successful relationship is trust, right? Well, it seems as though Ariana didn’t have enough of it from her former flame, Sean. What happened to this once-passionate couple?

“A lot of the problems between Ariana and Sean came down to trust. At the end of the day, they didn’t really trust each other,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He is very smooth and Ariana saw how girls responded to him, basically throwing themselves at him.”

And Sean sure didn’t do anything to stop the girls either — which obviously did not sit will with Ariana.

“He never seemed to push them away as quickly as Ariana would have liked,” the insider reveals. “Plus, there were a number of times that Ariana saw suspicious texts on Sean’s phone. He always had an excuse, but these things add up.”

Big Sean & Ariana Grande: He Secretly Didn’t Want To Break Up

Unfortunately, trust issues ran both ways in this relationship. While Ariana had trouble trusting Sean, her “Best Mistake” collaborator had some major jealousy issues going on.

“On the other side, Sean can get very jealous. Ariana doesn’t have a lot of guys around her, but the ones she does have she is very close with,” the source explains. “Having such good guy friends was hard for Sean to take. Also, many of Ariana’s guy friends are dancers who are very good-looking and super ripped.”

One guy who really ticked Sean off? Justin Bieber.

“Justin getting all up in Ariana’s business didn’t help matters at all. Sean and Ariana did a lot of PR to snuff out the reports of trouble because of Justin and Ariana’s performance,” the insider adds. “But Sean did not like it. He is not cool with another man grinding up on his girl even if it’s for a performance.”

Yikes! Maybe they are just better off apart, then.

Ariana Grande Leaning on ‘Scream Queens’ Co-Star Lea Michele After Big Sean Split

While Arianators worry for the pop star’s happiness post-breakup, they can find comfort in knowing that Ariana’s Scream Queens co-star, Lea Michele, has been a shoulder for her to lean on. Aw!

“Ariana has been getting tons of support from her Scream Queens co-stars, especially Lea. Ariana looks up to her like a big sister and really trusts her input. Ariana has been very professional on the set and hasn’t let the breakup affect her work, but it’s obvious she’s dealing with a heartbreak. She’s more quiet than usual and a little down, but Lea always does her best to help put a smile on Ariana’s face,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Tells us what YOU think HollywoodLifers — with so many trust issues plaguing Ariana and Big Sean’s relationship, did they do the right thing by ending it?

— Evan Real, Reporting By Tim Plant