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‘Revenge’ Recap: [SPOILER] Blows Herself Up & Dies

Sun, April 19, 2015 11:13pm EDT by Chris Rogers 17 Comments

What the heck just happened? As ‘Revenge’ looks to be gearing up for a series finale on May 12, a MAJOR character seemingly blew herself up on the April 19 episode. DEAD.

OMG! A main character seemingly killed herself on the April 19 episode of Revenge, leading us to believe that this is for sure the final season of the addictive ABC drama. Seriously — how can it even go on after this?!

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Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) has left the building. Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) longtime nemesis literally blew herself up in the final scene of Sunday night’s new episode. Victoria took it upon herself to “do something that Amanda Clarke never had the courage to do herself.” After putting her famous chair back in the Grayson Manor, turning on the gas while Amanda was away, and sitting down in her throne again, Victoria flicked a lighter and killed herself — taking the manor along with her.

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We’re still reeling from this massive development, but we also can’t ignore the other notable moments from the April 19 episode. So. Much. Happened. See our list below. (Just so you know — we’ll now be identifying Emily VanCamp’s character as Amanda.)

1. David Clarke (James Tupper) revealed that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Remember when he cut himself on the boat a few weeks back? Well the hospital ran some tests on his blood and the cancer, so it was a blessing in disguise we suppose. Anyway, he only revealed this news to Stevie Grayson and admitted that he’ll be starting chemo right away. David didn’t have the courage to tell Amanda after seeing how happy she was for finally retrieving the flash drive that could have sent her to prison.

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2. That’s right — someone attacked Victoria (before she killed herself) and tried to obtain the flash drive to no avail. Victoria suspected Amanda attacked her, but we never found out the person’s identity. Later, during a fake fire alarm, Amanda dressed as a fireman and stole the flash drive from the jacket pocket of a fed.

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3. After Jack (Nick Wechsler) switched the name on Amanda/Emily’s grave (we know — this is so confusing), he made a decision to leave the Hamptons and start over in Los Angeles. After all, he admitted his feelings to Amanda and she never reciprocated. So why stay? Well, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) tried convincing him that Amanda does love him, but Jack didn’t take the news very well. In fact, he told Nolan never to say that again. In a last ditch effort to stop Jack from leaving, Nolan alerted Amanda of his plans to move to the west coast. And while she made some speech about how she doesn’t feel like she deserves Jack, Ben (Brian Hallisay) overheard, which basically ended their already strained relationship. Then, Amanda tried her very best to run after Jack and catch him before his plane took off, but she was too late. As Jack’s plane left the tarmac, Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) pulled up and blasted Amanda for backtracking on her promise to one day let him tell the world who she really is. He then told her that she’s addicted to revenge and one day she’ll “crash” and “burn.”

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And as our hearts sank after watching Amanda and Jack miss each other at the airport, we were then blown away (literally) by Victoria’s apparent suicide. How insane! (Watch the explosive final scene above.)

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Now that Victoria’s dead, do you think the show should end this season? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers