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‘Unfriended’ Reviews: A Terrifying New Twist On Horror

Sat, April 18, 2015 1:35pm EDT by 4 Comments

‘Unfriended’ might be your worst nightmare yet — perhaps in more ways than one. The reviews are in for the thriller which centers on the terrifying cyber world and it looks like it’s definitely one haunting movie! Read the reviews here!

Unfriended is one of those movies that leaves an impact. Because we’re so connected to our computers and social media, this film easily hits home with millennials. Though it may fall short on plot and basic storytelling, critics seem to agree that it’s a film that’s hard to disconnect from. Is it worth a trip to the theater? Here are the reviews!

‘Unfriended’ Movie Reviews

It seems like critics agree that Unfriended, which hit theaters on April 17, is a fresh take on horror in the digital age. While it resonates as a social commentary to some, other critics believe it doesn’t accomplish much other than delivering just another typical horror movie. Here’s what critics are saying.

It’s not the B-movie gore death scenes that make Unfriended squirm-inducing, it’s how it taps in and holds on tight to how annoying the Internet and computers can be, especially when they’re being tinkered with.

The Globe and Mail

In Unfriended, the not-so-friendly ghost threatens doom if any of the teens hang up. If death invented the telephone, it probably invented the Internet infernal, too. Disconnect? The scariest thing is that we can’t.

Detroit News

Given that he has so little to work with, director Levan Gabriadze keeps the tension level high until logic starts poking wormholes into the story. Unfriended avoids commenting on the way teenagers interact through their screens — although it’s funny to watch panic ensue whenever a chat goes silent for more than three seconds — but if it has a point about the way we treat people online, it’s lost in an illogical ghost story that never bothers explaining itself.


In Universal’s latest attempt to mint money from the cagey and unreliable teen audience, the studio has gone right to the heart of how kids today apparently communicate: in chat rooms, Google hangouts, Skype sessions — you name it, it’s here. Plot? What plot?


Even though Unfriended begins to cheat, springing loud noises and gory cutaways that can’t be explained, there’s a rigor to its dopey, blood-simple conception that you might smile at.

Chicago Sun-Times

The acting is actually pretty solid. These characters are never in the same room, so the performances amount to a collection of solo scenes.But these kids aren’t likable. Perhaps director Gabriadze and writer Nelson Greaves intended to create a Social Media “Scream” and a commentary on cyber-bullying, but “Unfriended” comes across as disdainful of millennials.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will you be seeing Unfriended? Tell us your thoughts below!

— Julianne Ishler