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‘Scandal’ Shocker: [SPOILER] Deserved A Better Death

Fri, April 17, 2015 10:12am EDT by Avery Thompson 5 Comments

If [SPOILER] is actually dead and not just stealthily faking death, then I’m going to be L-I-V-I-D. For a character of [SPOILER]’s caliber, that final, bloody scene was NOT the way we should have to say goodbye.

I’m still trying to process those final moments of Scandal’s April 16 episode. Is [SPOILER] actually dead?! If so, I’m going to be holding a grudge over Shonda Rhimes, 45, for quite some time. [SPOILER] was a HUGE character on Scandal, and if that was [SPOILER]’s final scene, then it was a disservice to one of the show’s most beloved characters.

‘Scandal’: Jake Dies — Why He Deserved A Better Death

Okay, I can finally talk about JAKE without spoiling the massive shocker for those who haven’t watched yet! WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. Jake was brutally stabbed by Russell (Brian White), who we learned is actually a member of B613. I don’t know about you, but once you’ve been stabbed more than three times, you’re in shaky territory.

The promo for the next episode pretty much insinuates that Jake is a goner. If that’s the case, I’m going to be heartbroken and very, very angry. I get it. Scandal is all about shock value, but Jake was one of the main characters on the show. I’m not a fan of him dying in such a quick, unemotional way. 

Jake’s death deserved to be epic. I guess I just expected him to jump in front of a bullet for Olivia or sacrifice himself for her. Then again, this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy. We don’t get long, tear-jerking goodbyes (i.e. Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, George O’Malley, etc.). Scandal is a completely different show and goes for the jugular.

As much of an Olitz fan as I am, I still liked Jake. He was damaged, but you loved him more for it. My main complaint is that he died at the hands of RUSSELL. Scandal, you could have at least given me an epic showdown between Rowan and Jake! I have faith in Shonda’s motives, but I’m a little hurt right now.

(Sidenote: If Jake turns out not to be dead, I will sob tears of joy. Shonda will have done a number on me.)

An Ode To Jake Ballard

I may be an Olake hater, but Jake “Baby Eyes” Ballard had a special place in my heart. Over the course of a few seasons, I grew to love him. He fell in love with Olivia even though he knew she loved someone else. He was a pivotal person in Olivia’s life and saved her in a way Fitz couldn’t.

All he wanted was justice and love. He didn’t get either. To me, that is just devastating. I’ll never forget that heartbreaking moment when Jake told Olivia, “We both know that, in the end, you’re not going to choose me.” Bless this poor soul. I hope he’s having drinks with Noel and Henry up in heaven.

In closing, here’s an amazing GIF of Jake Ballard. May he rest in peace.


HollywoodLifers, do you think Jake is really dead? What’s been your favorite Jake moment? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson